November 18th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Have patience...have patience....

Mmmm....had a treat today, since I'm still kind of bleah.
We got the bread machine down and made dough for baguettes, then baked them. They came out just yummy. Nice and blunt-weapon hard, but so soft on the insides. Yay! Go us!
And I had ice cream, with caramel syrup on it tonight for a snack.

And...we didn't have any movies on tonight, after Jefe and Lily left. It's been blessedly quiet.

And I got all my pharm notes typed up, and the first unit worth of path notes too. Go me!
Going to bed now, I think. Long Monday as always.
8:30 Path-9:30 Pharm-10:30 Medicine-12:30-4:30 lab. Please, Dr. Ranasinghe, show us the stuff we need to know because there are so many notes for the next path exam. Please.
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Nescafe rabbit


...An addendum to my e-mail, Mike. Kept me a little bit better off all day.

Job offer came in today for my Angel - a job offer that, magically, went from pretty decent to pretty good before we even had a chance to wonder if he should make a counteroffer. Yay!

And now back to notes.
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