November 14th, 2002

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Wake me up before you go-go...

Creative 404 not found messages: Found here. Courtesy of James. Darling James.

By request: the cop at Jefferson Pointe.
I'm there in my fuzzy black pants, and my fluffy black lace-up shirt (I love the quasi-goth that's in this winter; now if I were just better built to wear it) and my cloak with the hood up, and we're walking along in Jefferson Pointe, me and my Angel, and we see this cop. And he gets this sort of concerned look on his face, and then I smile, and he grins, and when we're level with each other, I say "Evening", and he says "You're certainly stylish," and we both chuckled, and he sort of waved and went on his way. And that's the story.
Not all that exciting, but it was really kind of cute.
  • There was a little girl in Paris when Ko and I were there, walking around, and she turned around as we passed, and I hear this piping voice whispering "C'est la p'tit chaperon rouge...vert..." [ translated, roughly: It's little Red Riding Hood...Green. ] We laughed so hard.
  • And the little boy who passed me on the street in Strasbourg, and said in a softly awed voice, "Bonjour, m'sieur Obi-Wan Kenobi..." [ If you missed that, it's Hello, mister Obi-Wan Kenobi.... ] I heard a lot of that. "Jedi" was the most common allegation levelled at me.
Choir tonight, quartet practise after. I was -so- off my voice today. We had to go through this particular section like fifteen times before I got the F - E natural - D run correct. Gah. Nothing done today but a half-page of notes. I'm behind already. Ah, well.

Brief debate over which LotR characters we'd most like to tumble. Me, I can't decide between Legolas and Arwen. Probably Legolas, as long as he had the wig on. I can't believe his actor has a mohawk. *sobs*
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Nescafe rabbit

Mental notes

Ryken's pouting like mad because I didn't give him an E-card. I tried to explain that it's because he doesn't read my LJ, but he doesn't seem to approve of that.
Likewise Lily wants one. Thus...ask and ye shall receive. But they'll have to read to get to it.

Giving in to the allure of the moodicons that my angel found. They're so cute...

Don't you hate it when you start the day with a headache? Going to be a long one...and the thermostat in here is set at seventy-five degrees. Gah.
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Nescafe rabbit

Grrr. Frumple.

Skipped Pharmacology today because I had a vicious headache, felt like an hour nap would be better than listening to Koritnik babble. And then the nap turned into two hours, so I missed biostats too. Iwona was so cute. "Where were you? You never skip class!" But it was only biostats, and it's only the tenth time I've had stats, so it's not like I missed a whole hell of a lot.

Mistwalker's lagging again, can't figure out why. When I killed the extraneous HTTPd processes, it seemed to kill the lag, so maybe that was part of it. Wish I had more time to keep up with server maintenance, so that I knew I was doing the right thing.
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