November 13th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Ahh, love...

Made lasagna tonight for my darlingMatthew. I can't believe we dated for four and a half years before I learned it was his favourite food.
Ricotta cheese was on sale when I went shopping. So I picked some up, and then I picked up lasagna noodles. And then when I got home, realised we were short on mozzarella, so we went to the store and got some of that. And then we saw green bean casserole stuff on sale, and I was reminded of Chelly, and so we made green bean casserole and garlic cheese bread and had dinner, and it was so good.

Even got a unit of notes done. And it's half an hour past bedtime.
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Nescafe rabbit

Hey, ho, nobody home...

Rachel's crying across the way. To borrow from Clarabear - Rawr at Koritnik for making Rachel cry. The man is outmoded, outdated, constantly claiming he's "too busy" to find out if drugs are on the market yet or even answer a simple e-mail asking a question about the upcoming exam for days after I send it. But he has time to make these stupid little animated icons for his webpage (which plays music, to boot) and for the useless powerpoint presentations.
And when Rachel, who had to reschedule her exams because her grandmother died, e-mailed him a question about all the tedious little tiny drugs that he mentioned under antipsychotics but didn't really emphasize, he e-mails back: "I discussed them in class; you should know them."

Free time today; we got out of class at 11:05, and we don't have afternoon lab until 1:00, yay! Eating leftover lasagna and playing at the computer. Such is my enjoyment - especially now that Rachel's cheered up, and she's showed me the cutest little card...which has me momentarily enthralled with SmilePop, which is this charming little animation site. Playing happily with the make-your-own-devil right now.

For once, there's not much going on. I should start studying heavily to stay caught up.

But instead, for the following people: a video card, in no particular order, because it reminded me of you. Jefe, Kristi, Angel, Chavaling (1, 2, and 3, because you're extra-spiff), Mom, Jorath, Clarabear...and I'm out of time.

Off to go play doctor.
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Nescafe rabbit

Picture This:

We go to Fort Wayne Neurology. We meet up with a patient - a multiple sclerosis patient - and chat with him about his disease, his drugs, and his life in a wheelchair. Nice guy. We do some reflex and strength testing, sensation tests, and then we're ushered into an exam room.
Me, Asher, Lindy, and Rachel. With the instructions to "practise the neurological exam". How fun is that?
We play with the reflex hammers and figure out how to get knee-jerk reflexes, I demonstrate the ankle-jerk reflexes that my family doctor taught me, we try wrists and elbows...I got a wrist jerk on Rachel once, but for the most part we just banged on our fingers until they went sore, and gave up. Gotta learn.
Get out the cotton, the tuning forks, and the pins, poke, prod and bang until we've all demonstrated that we have intact senses and know how to test them.
Pull out the nystagmus strip. This is a long blue-and-white striped strip that you wave back and forth in front of someone's eyes to see if they have nystagmus. Which is the spiffy jerking movements that your eyes make when you can't track fast enough. Watch someone's eyes when they're looking out the car window at trees going by to see it. So cool.
Tracked ocular muscles with our fingers, then set to the really hard work: the funduscopic exam. Which was when we got to try out the PanOptic. This thing is so freakin' cool. For the very first time ever I got to see the back of someone's eye. Rachel's eye. After fiddling for like ten minutes. Then we tried the regular otoscope, the kind most doctors use. The difference was unbelievable.
I want.

Got to hit up the parents-in-law, who have the wherewithal to fund my medical school education, and see if they'll help me with the $600 student price tag (list at $1000) for it. Because this thing...I can actually see with it. Wow.
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Nescafe rabbit

A hot topic:

The following is a letter from Cliff Kindy, a member of Christian Peacemaker Teams. He is currently in Iraq, the latest in a series of many places where he has worked to help bring peace and the message of non-violence. I know not all of you who read this share the (admittedly difficult and sometimes hard to stand by) pacifist views that I as a member of the Church of the Brethren was raised on. I know not all of you reading this believe that those views hold justification. I know not all of you consider yourself Christian - or even religious, and that to some, my religion is a crutch or a blinder. I also know that I believe with all my heart in the message of non-violence, of love for all, and of the potential for peaceful reconciliation that I have found in my church. I believe in the Christianity that has shaped my life, that has influenced my decisions each time that someone has returned to me with praise and thanks. And I believe in Cliff and his work...I believe that there is potential for change in this world, through the efforts of one person's hands, one person at a time. One heart changed at a time.

That said, I'm going to tuck my soapbox back away now. I want you to read this...and I want to know what you think.

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