November 11th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Change of plans

Seeing as how the retake on the exam is probably going to be over all the questions, not just what I missed.
Seeing as how the one point isn't really going to do that much to my average.
Seeing as how if I do really spectacularly on one exam, all my troubles would be over.

Not going to retake the pharm exam.

Meeting with him on Friday afternoon, after Rachel takes the exam, to go over my old exams and look for a defining trend - something that I've been missing or not doing well enough on, that I can improve in my studying. Mind you, I can't stand the man, but he's willing to work with me and that's something I'm unwilling to pass up. And maybe he'll see something. I'm so bad at picking up trends.

So tonight - tonight, after the path lab exam I'm going to outline the antibiotics lecture and then go play. Dinner or something. Spend some time not fretting.
I need it.
Special note: Today, according to Iwona, is Polish Independence Day.

Path lab exam in 45 minutes. *munches Spaghetti-o's* Notgonnafailnotgonnafailnotgonnafail...
Oh, poo. I still think I'm going to fail. *gets out textbook to cram*
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