November 8th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Cross my heart and hope to die

Roughly 78-80% on the pharm practise exam. Wrote down every single drug name that was mentioned, even the ones that I know inside and out, to go over in the morning. I figure...if he puts it on a practise question, he must think it's worth mentioning.

Think I studied the right things. Hitting the sack. Sleeping.
If I can.

Exam-tomorrow(Exam-today?) Exam-Monday, then ten whole days to catch up, make notes, and take a few hours off. Maybe going with little-Rachel and her-Scott to see Harry Potter on Friday, to be social and things. I like Rachel. She's sweet.

Okay, God. I'm doing my part. Don't you back out of this now. We're a team, we are. You and I.
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Nescafe rabbit


There's nothing quite like going into an exam to find that the preparatory materials you have been given are nothing like the exam itself.
After he told us to know the prototypes, he asked lots about the mechanisms of new drugs. Lots of (a) (b) (both) (none). Lots of (e) all of the above are correct statements - when the question asked which was incorrect. Those suck.

It all sucked. Worse than anticipated. At least he'll e-mail my grade in a few hours and I'll know whether I have to retake it on Tuesday.
Would suck less if I could remember any of the fardling questions. Would suck less if there had been anything I knew on the exam. But all the stuff I know seems to have gone by the wayside, apparently.
Bottom of the class in Pharm. Barely passing, when the class average is in the high 80's.

On the bright side, I got a little note in my mailbox today telling me that I High-passed medical genetics. Hallelujah.
Also on the bright side, Pathology is mostly guest-lecturing for the rest of the semester, which is always a bonus. I do better when Smith doesn't write the questions.

Second note in my mailbox confirmed that one more first-year has taken a Leave of Absence. That makes three. And we're still sixteen of us. Amazing.

Lunch, wait for my pharm scores, then study pathology. Exam-Monday, Possible-Retake-Tuesday...

Someone...anyone...tell me you love me. I feel so godsdamned worthless after these fucking exams.
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If this fscking laptop dies one more time since it can't tell if the fscking battery is unplugged...

Always the instant before I save, shut down, or post. Godsdamn.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, 08 November, 2002 16:11
Subject: Pharm Grade
> Nykki:
> You almost made the cut, but missing 12 gave you a grade of 74 (after curving). You can retake the exam on Tuesday for a 75 if you better your performance. Sorry you didn't do better. Maybe you should stop by and we can go over the exam and see where you can better focus your study efforts. I want you to excell from here to the end ! Hang in there !
Okay....for the second time, I think I've stopped crying.
One point. One godsdamned point, after a 4-point curve. All I have to do is get one more question right, and I'll have my 75%
Exam average: 83, with a standard deviation of 11. That says something. Score range from 67 to 95 aftera four-point curve. If it weren't for the fact that my average in that class has just dropped from 75 to 74, which is sub-passing, I'd say "fuck it" and take the score.

But I can't. And that's the part that fscking well sucks.
I'm tired of having to dig and scrape for my grade in this class. Even in fscking pathology I'm passing with a little to spare. But pharm....
And he tries to be understanding. I'm apparently just stupid about drugs or something. Going to take him up on the retake (only the questions I missed, oh please God let it be only the questions I missed) and then settle down and talk to him, see if I can figure out what to do about the studying.

If I spent any more time studying, I wouldn't eat.
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To lighten my day..

Ryken stirs his drink. It begins to foam over. And then...he tries to drink the foam off. Inhaling alcohol in the process. He's coughing and laughing and falling back on the couch. I laughed so hard.

Matt: It's Caine. He's supposed to kick your ass.

And the debate briefly flares up again, over who's the best James Bond.
  1. Unanimously: Sean Connery is the penultimate Bond.

  2. Our consensus is that Pierce Brosnan is the next-best...

  3. Then Roger Moore

  4. Then the others. And Timothy Dalton sucks.

And some people are trying to tell us that Roger Moore is far better than Brosnan, even though he hasn't even seen any of the Brosnan ones.

Bah. Bah, I say.
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