November 5th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

...and I'm all out of gum...

Walked into the Pathology exam this morning, all a-tremble. Reading my notes in the morning, went in early even though the exam was only 37 questions. All prepared to be repeatedly raped by the blasted thing (check for P32 antigen and acid phosphatase, afterwards, to prove it!)

Sat down, looked at the first question. Thought: "I know this."
Looked at the second question. Thought: "Oh, God, I don't know this." Then I read the answers and crossed out the bits I knew weren't true. There was only one answer left.
Repeat for 37 questions. Go over test again, as I write my answers on the answer sheet.
Checkmarks for the ones I'm 100% sure of. No marks if I have any doubt. Circles where I'm really unsure if I've picked the right one - including the question on cardiac enzymes where I second-guessed myself and changed it from test to answer sheet.
I shouldn't do that. I was right the first time.
Counted them up. 37 questions. Three with circles, seven with no marks. At approximately 3 points a pop, that makes a worst-case scenario of 70%. I can deal with 70%. Better case: I get half of the ones I wasn't completely sure of right, because I was fairly sure of them. Which would give me a 79%. That would be better. Thoughts: I could really use an 82 on the exam, though, because then I'd be absolutely certain that I were passing the class. That means...I can miss six. Which is possible but unlikely.
Went over the three I wasn't sure about again. Funny, I still wasn't sure of them. Figured I was only making myself needlessly neurotic, turned the exam in, and went outside to take deep breaths.

Went back half an hour later to check with Lowene (the darling, the marvel, the wonder-woman) and see what the verdict was. Thinking 80%, hoping 85%, opened the folder and flipped several pages to make sure I was looking at the right exam.
89%, boys and girls!

Eighty-nine fucking percent. I haven't been this happy in a long time.

So I'm passing everything right now, and I have a little bit of a buffer to keep me from utter despair. Now I just have to make it through this week, and do as well in Pharm and the Lab exam.

Exam-Friday Exam-Monday.Then...a whole 10 days before the next exam.
6 exams and finals left. 22 days of actual class left. Then I'll be through another semester.

They say it gets better. Not easier - just better. I could cope with better.
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