November 3rd, 2002

Nescafe rabbit



Matt asked me for a LJ code today. I thought "Gosh, I don't think I'm allowed to make users...I'm just a lowly free account person..." but I looked anyway. And sure enough, I got one little code... How cool is that? Just for my Angel.
His LJ name is lakoslakos, which is the name he uses for everything. Because nobody else does. Me...I like Ayradyss. It's the name of Donnerjack's virtual lover in Zelazny's postumous book 'Donnerjack'...and she's so neat. The book is a must-read.

Mage: Epic Fantasy game went through tonight. Finally. Z-wad, darling, baby, don't ever leave us alone on a Saturday night again. I'm having so much fun.
Those of you who are must see the logs and quotes. The game's just too much fun. We're the cabal without a name yet (tentatively: hell's errand boys) at the top.
Bed. Sleep. Remove contacts that are eating my eyes.

For Clarabear, who asked:
Behind my eyes on Wednesday night: grocery store isles, with a Blair-Witch-esque video camera
Thursday: Nothing, then a technicolour slide show of lights and lines.
Friday: I don't remember.

Oh, and a few more things: A new log of truly horrendous RP: here on my website. If you haven't looked before, you might want to peek at the whole RP section. Because I'm told it's funny.

Chavaling: If you don't give me those Hermione pictures as soon as you get them, I'm going to eat your eyes while they're still in your head. Oh, and make sure you dry the outfit after your showers or it will get mildew-y.

Tomb Raider. Must drag eyes away from Angelina Jolie and go sleep. Yes.
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Nescafe rabbit

Good morning, Starshine

Walked out to the car this morning to discover that my dad has kamikaze trees.
The two cars under the tree were literally covered in leaves, and more were falling at the rate of five or ten a second, tumbling down. I don't know how the blasted things manage to do this for days on end - you'd think they'd run out of leaves before the end of the first day. So we're scraping frost off the windshield, I'm picking leaves out of the wipers, and all in all it's a losing battle because I had to pick leaves out of the wipers at least twice before Matt could get the frost off the windshield, and he missed some because of the leaves.
But then we got to hear them sliding off the roof and blowing off the hood, and that was fun.

Got a word from Chelly yesterday via Mom: the BCA kids are making Thanksgiving dinner themselves, and of course they wanted to include green bean casserole. But they couldn't find any french fried onions - how can you make green bean casserole without french fried onions?
So Mom got Chelly the e-mail address of French's customer service department or some such, and she wrote them a note, asking where she could find french fried onions in France so she could make green bean casserole for the BCA kids in Nancy to have a real American Thanksgiving dinner while they were away from home.
And they sent her ten cans.
Isn't that just too cool?
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Nescafe rabbit

All through the day...

Behind my eyes last night: manilla folders. Closed ones, in a dimly lit room. Flipping slowly from one identical folder to the next.

Got Shandahr brigged on Ansible. Log posted here. As if everyone hasn't already seen it.

Page 4 of 11 of body fluids, then I'll be through it all once. I hate school. Exam Tuesday. Then Friday-Monday.
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