October 31st, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

My turn.

I thought I heard Jefe leaving this morning before I got up to take my shower.
Lily was up, and confirmed my suspicions. As well as casually mentioning that he hadn't slept in something approaching 36 hours.

Did you know that you can go without water longer than you can go without sleep?

My turn. My turn my turn my turn. You help nobody if you have no rest.

In other notes of worth:
Medical Genetics final today. Bleah. Think I'll skip pharm, or at best pay no attention.
Last preceptor visit today as well. Which is sad and happy. I'll be glad for the afternoons off, but I like seeing doctory things being done. I like doing doctory things. And...oh, bugger. Did I or didn't I see a drug lunch up there? Well, if there isn't, I guess I'll just go hungry.
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Nescafe rabbit

Morning has brooooken....

Genetics exam.

But that's okay. I'm pretty sure I did plenty well. I just don't see the reason to need to know all of the fardling genes that relate to syndromes that all mean "oh, shit, your kid's toast at birth." Eh?

On a brighter note: here's a picture of a little girl with Williams Syndrome, which in some theories is the origin of the legends about pixies. They're very musically inclined, even if they're mentally retarded.

And a rainbow picture of a spectral karyotype which is just fardling beautiful.

Off to my preceptor's, to see if he'll feed me today.
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