October 14th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Sometimes I love Lowene.
She's our second-year secretary, and she grades all our tests for us in lightning time.
0615: Crawled out of bed to read the notes just one more time, even though it's bad to cram like that.
0715: Kissed Matt goodbye, read two more packets of notes.
0730: Walked out the door.
0735: Finished scraping the ice off my car with my ridiculously ineffective ice-scraper, which scrapes in cross-hatched patterns instead of doing something useful like getting the fucking ice off my windshield. Finally resorted to using my sleeve to rub out the ice places between the cross-hatchings. Went to school.
0800: Got my exam, and started going through it. Did quite a bit more crossing-out-of-obviously-wrong answers and quite a bit less random-guessing than I had anticipated. Felt a surge of hope.
0910: Finished the exam, twice. Turned it in to Lowene.
0920: Got the results back from Lowene. 75%, which is passing by a hair. It won't bring my average up out of the gutter, not in the long run, but it also keeps me from crawling any further into it.
I'm not feeling manic, by any means, but I am feeling better. And the thought of having a whole week, nearly, to recover and straighten out my head...feels damn good.

Tonight: play Dungeon Keeper 2, or Gauntlet Legends, or Neverwinter nights. Roleplay. Relax. Breathe.
Oh, hell yes.

Foggy morning,
           and mists like air
     Winter's breath
                       a chill
             still unfrozen.

Mists spill slowly,
      over walls and doors,
   invading still
             with the neverwarmth
of winter

               Frozen morning,
in the chill and slow
         Winter's dreams
                     have invaded
and frozen.
               NsB 14-10-02
                          "Winter's breath"
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    the hum of the fridge in the student break lounge. Blessed silence.