October 11th, 2002

Nescafe rabbit

Two lost souls....

[Joe and Lola]
Two lost souls on the highway of life
We ain't even got a sister or brother
Ain't it just great, ain't it just grand?
We've got each other!

Two lost ships on a stormy sea
One with no sails and one with no rudder
Ain't it just great, ain't it just grand?
We've got each udder!

Two lost sheep, in the wilds of the hills
Far from the other Jacks and Jills, we wandered away and went astray
But we ain't fussin'
Cuz we've got "us'n"

We're two lost souls on the highway of life
And there's no one with whom we would ruther
Say, "Ain't it just great, ain't it just grand?"
We've got each other!

Wherever we go, whatever we do
As long as you've got me, and I've got you
We've got each other

We ain't fussin'- cuz we got "us'n."

.......We've got each other......
Joe and Lola, at the lowest point of Damn Yankees, find themselves in the locker room. Joe's soul is surrendered to Applegate by default - and Lola, poor Lola, once the ugliest woman in Providence, RI, has found herself falling victim to Joe's constancy and purity. Too bad, since she's property of Applegate.

Two lost souls.

I feel like a lost soul right about now.
Missed 9 on the Pharmacology exam - for a raw score of 73%, an adjusted score of 76%. Well, I'm passing. I'm still the lowest fucking person in the class, but at least I'm passing. At the bare minimum.
I hate this. I hate school. I hate having to fight and fight and fight to get a score that's barely passing. I hate not knowing what to do, whether I'm even going to make it. I hate wondering if the entire godsdamned year is going to go like this.

Throwing around the idea, now and again, of going to the doctor and getting meds for ADD. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's not me. I don't know. I don't fucking know.

Tomorrow: Study Pathology. Sunday: Study Pathology. Monday: Bear Dr. Darryl R. Smith, clinical professor of Pathology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Fort Wayne Centre's illegitimate child. Share it with Dr. Blandine Bustamante, M.D., Assistant professor of pathology, etc, etc, and Dr. Seung Soo Kim, M.D., who is a soft-spoken Korean gentleman who sounds like his fucking mouth is full of fucking marbles.

Test breakdown:
Nutrition (Dr. Kim)- 9 questions
Urinalysis (Dr. Bustamante) - 6 questions
Immunology (Dr. Smith) - 18 questions, over 30 pages of incomprehensible shit. Tumour necrosis factors, catecholamines, and the like
Amyloidosis (Dr. Smith) - 3 questions - and I understood this packet.
Environmental medicine (Dr. Bustamante) - 9 questions
Transfusion reactions (Dr. Bustamante) - 10 questions, five of which are a five-part matching
Diabetes Mellitus (Dr. Smith) - 6 questions
Total: 61 questions. I can miss....oh, 10, and get an 80, or thereabouts. I think, if I had an 80, I would be passing. I would like that.

I would really fucking well like that.

I hate medical school.
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