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Pharm exam...well, hell. 38 questions, 2 wild cards. After wild-carding, there were 8 I was unsure of and a lot more I wasn't certain on. And so help me, if he lied about sodium stilbogluconate and Leishmaniasis...*checks* Phew. There's two I know I got right, and one of the omits I would have gotten wrong, although in retrospect I should have known that answer. I do know that answer. But I just get so flustered...
*Checks another answer* Don't you hate it when you can't remember if you second-guessed yourself? My instinct about chloramphenicol was right, and I think I changed it. But I successfully resisted the urge to change the Amantadine-Ribavirin-Influenza question, so that one's good.

...damn. Vanco isn't absorbed. On a quick scan, I see four I missed. And cutoff is seven. *crosses fingers*
Ragatz said he made minor changes to Iwona's suggested questions; his idea of minor and my idea of minor are clearly two different things. I hate anti-cancer drugs. That's why we have oncologist referrals. Ick.

On the good side: Scott is now the third person to come in and say "Oh, my God, that exam was fucking impossible." Here I thought I was the only one.

Now for a chance to go home, eat lunch, and start studying again. As soon as I finish showing the first-years how to do file sharing on the CD-burning computer.

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