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At the end of the day it's another day over...

It's been a long time, O Best Beloved...

I haven't updated with anything of substance in nearly a week.  Let's start by finishing Wednesday's story.  I got to the OR and IL, for once, O blessed woman, sent me home.  Got up and rounded with MP.  We had too many patients for both of us, so it was a struggle Thursday and Friday, but she says I saved her butt.  And both days she sent me home as soon as things were done, instead of keeping me around in case.
Friday I paged MP after lectures.  No, I'm not at the clinic, I'm trying to catch up from this morning.  Can you help and go see one patient?  Sure.  I can see a patient.  So I saw a patient with her, and then she looked at me.  Are you going home this weekend?  I am.  I don't want you to think I'm kicking you out - stay around if you want - but you can go if you like, get home and study.
She's the best.

Spent the weekend doing many things.  RP was interrupted at several points, which led to a general lack of climactic finish when Angel wanted it.  Jen is not a leader, but has been acting as one under the guise of having her nose in everything.  But I'm running out of steam there, and afraid that if she stops doing anything that stasis will ensue.  After all, Joseph is catatonic with piety, and Michael only does things if it involves gunning someone down. 

userinfomystic_familiar showed up about at the climactic point, and I must make a public apology with qualifications for leaving shortly after she arrived.  Apology: I didn't mean to make her feel unwelcome if that was what it came across as - I simply wasn't expecting more company, and the timing was bad.  Qualification: It would have been nice if someone had checked to make sure that the weekend wouldn't be bad for Angel and I before making plans, and it would have been nice if we hadn't been the last people to know that we were having company.  Neither of us knew she was coming down until Thursday or Friday, and it had already been planned to spend the weekend studying, relaxing, and not entertaining for once.  So it was a little bit of a shocker, and being tired and stressy I reacted inappropriately and with bad grace.  My apologies.

Saturday we got the ladder from Dad, and Angel and daxayl decorated the house with dangly lights.  There is still the multicoloured strand to go on the garage, and I still think the front door needs a white rope around it, but the roof is now all icicly and much loveliness.  We also got a tree, which is undecorated but more or less erect.  It is a double-trunked tree, and thus difficult to stand properly, and lists obliquely - but in this house of misfits and strays, as my father once put it, not-unkindly, it seems to fit. 
I require more decorating.  If I were not staying here to go to a DaVinci's Notebook concert tonight, I would go home and do so.  I will be going home Thursday, and Angel is going to take me to Lord of the Rings, because I have nothing to do from now until Christmas break.

Next rotation: Surgical Specialty.
On Thursday morning I made my way halfway downtown to another hospital, parked on the wrong side of the building, and ran through the hallways and underneath access passages with six-foot ceilings festooned with wires and pipes to get to my Ethics class 20 minutes late.  I figured since I was already halfway there, and just supposed to page MP after I got back, I would go over and check my mailbox.  Mailbox told me that I had my Anaesthesia packet with a rotation schedule, and that I would be going to Anaesthesia first (17 December to 6 January).  That means that with the exception of 7-10AM when I should be starting cases, I will have my days free for the rest of this month.  Which left the big question: Where would I be for Surg Spec?  Nobody would tell me. Finally wound up running up five flights of stairs pitter-patter to check the Surgery Office door, where I discovered I was on Trauma surgery. 
Now, I hear Trauma is a hit-or-miss; firstly because it depends on the presence of Trauma patients and secondly because it's at a hospital where the residents are hit-or-miss.  And when there's no trauma, you do vascular work.  Or my father-in-law, who was an OR tech, sewed up people in the ER all day.  The hours are longer than the other specialties and the rewards are questionable.  Sounds like Peds Surg.  And if nothing else, O Best Beloved, I should have some good stories for you.

Sunday I went out to Auburn to watch Angel help Tempus move servers.  I took my new Christmas Present from arazia. I should have taken the one staircase_wit got me.  She got me a tiny remote-controlled car, which I adore.  He got me Silly Putty.  Gold Silly Putty.  It's hard to say which one is more fun.  I studied, there and everywhere, until we decided it was time to go to bed.  We were going to go to Pieres to sing karaoke with quinby, but Crooners was closed, so we came home instead.

Drove into Indy Monday morning and took my Ethics test.  Came back to S's and studied.  Studied until around 0100 this morning, in fact.  Then got up at 0500 and studied a little more.  Walked into the exam this morning with a feeling of trepidation and paranoia.  I've heard nothing but horrible things about the OB-GYN exam.  Nothing. 
180 questions, 3 hours.  I worked carefully and got through it twice.  Final count: 103 certain, 58 probably, 19 no clue, which gives me an estimated worst-case of 73%.  I feel better.</span>

And now, O Best Beloved, I am going to go back to S's, and clean my room, and generally lounge around until 1700 or so when Angel arrives to take me to Sakura and a concert.  Yay.


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