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Favourite thing I heard yesterday: "My daughter has a Britney Spears calendar in her room. Look at one sometime. Measure the distance from her iliac crests to her umbilicus and compare it to her waistband. She should be showing some cleavage there, and I don't mean in the back or up top. I don't know if they airbrushed her clitoris off or what..."
This from a faculty whose specialty is adolescent gynecology. Dr. H is too awesome.

Have observed two surgeries today without scrubbing in. Two more are scheduled. It's 1425 already and the last surgery of the day is a long one. I'm going to be completely useless in it; there will be Dr. G senior and junior, IL, a scrub nurse, and possibly Dr. M. I will spend my time hanging over the patient's left leg trying to see as they dissect out lymph nodes, fidget, and generally waste my afternoon. Normally, if it's one doctor, IL, and I, I get to hang out in the "proverbial box". We do our surgeries with the patients in the lithotomy position, also known as the pap-smear position. I hang out between the legs.

...And the pager goes off. Down to see a partial vulvectomy. Wish me luck, O Best Beloved.

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