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How about a little less drama in my life?

Okay, now that I got up the balls to call Angel and apologise for being a drama queen, and he took me to the mall to pick up X2, a DVD copy of Ghost in the Shell, and .hack//sign volume 5, along with reserving LXG and some bonus points, I've gotten out of the house and away from feeling hostessy. I also napped (shh, don't tell anyone) through most of the second half of TTT extended edition, waking only often enough to make snide pervy hobbity comments in order to hear quinby squeal. I feel much better.

And the words I heard from you, O Best Beloved, helped too. It helps to be reminded that I do mean something.

That said...
Party's final guest count was 26, including my mom, dad, stepdad, and friend Misty who I see so very rarely. Also including my darling Jade and Julie, whom I haven't seen since graduations, LC and Aura, and various and sundries. There was much squealing of names and group hugging, despite the fact that everyone - and I mean practically everyone - showed up right as the first batch of potatoes started to get done.
I burned one pot of potatoes to the bottom due to not stirring vigorously enough. Ah, well. 20 pounds were peeled by arazia and I and cut into tiny pieces while watching Boogiepop Phantom in the morning, then left to soak the day, then boiled and mashed. I cannot use the largest mixing bowl with my hand-held beater; it is too deep. So I had to transfer potatoes. We mashed them, covered them in cheese, and left them in the oven on warm.
Angel handled ham (in the crockpot; Mom's is bigger than mine *pout*) and turkey. Everyone else brought everything else. Our impromptu card table servers were groaning with food. There were pies and cookies and desserts galore, and everyone ate and ate. All 12 pounds of turkey, and most of the 10-lb ham, plus 2/3 of my mashed potatoes, plus Mom's sweet potato casserole, plus daimones's turkey lasagna and broccoli-cheese, plus ellisande's carrots, plus Dad's stuffing, plus alythe's salad, because you always need salad, and then there were desserts, and I don't think I can match everyone to desserts, because they were everywhere.
And then we played Munchkin and Cranium and Settlers of Catan, and went walking in the snow (snow!) and decided that the roads looked too questionable to go all the way out to Francesville, so unless they cleared up we were staying home. Partly because we wanted to sleep in and spend time with the friends, partly because we really didn't want to deal with the first real snow of the season on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Made regrets eventually once Rachel called, as the phones have all been renumbered. They said, "what snow?" I swear, it snowed here.
Got up in the morning, and made omelets for everyone, short-order style. Went well, all 4 dozen eggs' worth. Got many compliments. It's a far cry from when I was in college, telling daxayl that I couldn't cook worth a darn.
Then people started filtering out, slowly. Here's hoping that Andrea makes it safely back to WI, and that Jezebel doesn't crap out on her. Miss you, girl, believe it or not.
And then I went through the overwhelmed and exhausted phase that all my other introvert friends went through on Friday night when there were 26 people in the house, and I had a little breakdown which you on my friends list bore earlier witness to, and I went shopping, and now I'm fine.
They're watching Chobits downstairs. They might almost be to an episode that I haven't seen yet. Think I might go back down and be social a bit more...

Oh, and Angel did a metric buttload of dishes. I love that man.

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