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Pee when you have the chance...

Got paged. C-section on one of the two remaining labouring patients. Ran back. Dr. W. didn't want me to miss what might be the only thing to happen all night...

When we got out of the OR, there were two new patients here for induction (probably won't deliver before morning) and a new one in triage. Triage-lady's baby has gastroschisis. She's a terrible historian, doesn't know what's going on, and we have no records and no information on her, except that now she's having contractions.
And I had to pee before the C-section, but I haven't had a chance to until just now. It's a good thing you left when you did, Angel. It got crazy. Wonder what dinner will be, if anything...I wonder if the cafeteria closes soon.
H&P's to write up, and a baby with gastroschisis to hope is born before morning. I won't get to do it, but O, Best Beloved, I want to see.

Edit: O, did I forget to mention that the lady with quads was contracting? It's all working out to be nothing, though.

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