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Well, he didn't exactly fall out...

Went back. She'd gone from 5 cm dilated to 9 cm dilated. Went in and started coaching pushing. Dr. W looks at me. "Go ahead and get ready." Gowned and gloved. Baby's head came out a little harder this time, a little first-degree tear, nothing major. I caught him, suctioned him (not expertly, but I did), handed him off. I don't know what his name is, Mom hadn't decided.
Dr. W, wonder of wonders, let me suture the laceration. I suck at knot tying, O Best Beloved, suck something awful. So this afternoon I will be practising knot tying, I think. As it is a skill I intend to master eventually. Why am I never ready to when I'm supposed to tie?

Had Panera for lunch, very delicious French Onion Soup. It was cold by the time I got to it after the delivery, or at least only lukewarm. But it didn't matter. I have my requisite 3 childbirths; I will be able now to sit back and enjoy the rest of the potential babies to pop out. I can concentrate on doing it well instead of just praying nobody has to step in.

I think I will have Frank sign off on some of my stuff tonight, as he will be willing to do so once he has seen me deliver a baby or so. And I will deliver another baby, I know it.

As far as babies falling out, I was on the labor board on Thursday, and all was going well. I was helping a woman push, we waited a while for her to get feeling back after we upped the epidural, and then suddenly we realised she hadn't been cathed in a while. Drained 700 cc of urine from the bladder and suddenly - push, push, nykki-go-tell-them-we-need-Dr-C-now! I turned around, yelled "We need Dr. C" out the door, and turned back to the bed. There was the baby. Pow.
This was the same delivery in which I learned I had a cousin-in-law at the hospital. Labor Nurse Carrie is the wife of my second cousin Drew, who has a unique last name. It was most amusing.

Now the board is less full, I am less stressed, and Angel will be here shortly with a handful of paperwork and pills for me. Life is good, O Best Beloved, and Thursday is Thanksgiving.
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