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Well, he didn't exactly fall out... - Nobody wears a white coat any more... — LiveJournal
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
Well, he didn't exactly fall out...
Went back. She'd gone from 5 cm dilated to 9 cm dilated. Went in and started coaching pushing. Dr. W looks at me. "Go ahead and get ready." Gowned and gloved. Baby's head came out a little harder this time, a little first-degree tear, nothing major. I caught him, suctioned him (not expertly, but I did), handed him off. I don't know what his name is, Mom hadn't decided.
Dr. W, wonder of wonders, let me suture the laceration. I suck at knot tying, O Best Beloved, suck something awful. So this afternoon I will be practising knot tying, I think. As it is a skill I intend to master eventually. Why am I never ready to when I'm supposed to tie?

Had Panera for lunch, very delicious French Onion Soup. It was cold by the time I got to it after the delivery, or at least only lukewarm. But it didn't matter. I have my requisite 3 childbirths; I will be able now to sit back and enjoy the rest of the potential babies to pop out. I can concentrate on doing it well instead of just praying nobody has to step in.

I think I will have Frank sign off on some of my stuff tonight, as he will be willing to do so once he has seen me deliver a baby or so. And I will deliver another baby, I know it.

As far as babies falling out, I was on the labor board on Thursday, and all was going well. I was helping a woman push, we waited a while for her to get feeling back after we upped the epidural, and then suddenly we realised she hadn't been cathed in a while. Drained 700 cc of urine from the bladder and suddenly - push, push, nykki-go-tell-them-we-need-Dr-C-now! I turned around, yelled "We need Dr. C" out the door, and turned back to the bed. There was the baby. Pow.
This was the same delivery in which I learned I had a cousin-in-law at the hospital. Labor Nurse Carrie is the wife of my second cousin Drew, who has a unique last name. It was most amusing.

Now the board is less full, I am less stressed, and Angel will be here shortly with a handful of paperwork and pills for me. Life is good, O Best Beloved, and Thursday is Thanksgiving.

now feeling:: accomplished accomplished

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hellonurse06 From: hellonurse06 Date: November 23rd, 2003 08:25 pm (UTC) (etched in stone)
It's definately a bladder thing.

We were taught that too ... to remind the patient to get up and void if they can. Keeps labour going.

Then again, you can just let it all out at once ... literally ;)
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