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Daft. I'm friggin' daft.

(1) Forgot my evaluation sheets yesterday.
(2) Fell asleep in an interesting lecture today.
(3) Coming back from mentor meeting today, turned onto Capitol (N-S). From there I somehow acquired myself on New York (E-W) and didn't realise it until I was on the far E side of the city. Took so long to get back I didn't actually get here until just after two deliveries. So much for today.

On the other hand, I got to check my mailbox. P-notes for the spring, AMWA mentor assignment, Iatrogenesis (amasashi, and ishotkenney, if you want a snailmail copy e-mail an addy to ayradyss(at)livejournal.com and I'll send you one), and my grades for Paediatrics.

Honours Pass!

That's right, O Best Beloved. You can't do better than that. I'm so contented right now it almost makes up for my early-morning blues. Between that, indurate's comment (which made me grab a kleenex and cry good tears), and getting to see Angel tonight, I'm feeling much better than I was.

Also, we did well in clinic.

Now to figure out how to make my credit card miraculously return to where I thought it was. :P
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