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Scrubbed in on two practically back-to-back C-section deliveries this afternoon, O Best Beloved. Twins, both of them, so four girls. Got to hold one of the babies as Mom was indisposed (retching) after the surgery, and feed her, and look at her tiny little 5#8oz nose...
Was with Dr. F and Dr. L, who are like the Jiffy-lube-drive-in C-section people. Under an hour start to finish, so fast I almost didn't get my gloves and gown on in time for the second.
Dr. F let me close on the first one. I sutured skin and only got corrected a few times. How wonderful.

And now it's back to get paperwork done on the inductions. It's going to be a good night on call, O Best Beloved. I can feel it.
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