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No! No more clinic!

Monday: Found out RC's (my resident's) father-in-law had died and I would be with a second-year (JW) for the week. Went to clinic in the afternoon, was told to go study for the morning as the board was empty.
Tuesday: Went to clinic in the morning. Finished at 1 and went over to work the Labour and Delivery board. Have you eaten? I had a granola bar and a piece of cheese. Oh, you're fine then. No deliveries, as previously stated.
Wednesday: JW was on the L&D board all day. I was at Ethics Day.
Today: JW is in clinics all day. I have had one day on L&D this week. Going to see if JW will let me come over in the afternoon and spell Scott, since he's post-call. Scott doesn't care, I'm just using him as an excuse. I'm sick of being in clinic and getting ulcers about these 3 required deliveries. At least I'm on call tonight.
Maybe this morning will be Gyn continuity clinic and I'll get to do paps all morning instead of measure babies. I'm glad they're all doing well, but how do you stand the monotony?

No more clinic, O Best Beloved. Please.

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