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What a slow finish...

It's been a strange few days, O Best Beloved, a few days where if I didn't have to get up at 3 in the friggin' morning I might even forget I'm in Peds Surg . Starting Wednesday, when read about colon cancer to make up for being sent home at 1630 , then had teriyaki rice and went to bed around 1900. I slept like a metaphorical baby.
Thursday I did clinic in the morning with Dr Gr, the one who knows Dorothy. He started around 9 and was done around 11. No afternoon surgery. In fact, when we started afternoon rounds, K turned to us and said "did you want to go over to the Trauma Conference and hear a set of case presentations?'' This is akin to asking if we would rather be boiled in hot oil or vacation in Tahiti . We went to the conference. It was interesting and informative. It got out at 1615. I went home with no H&P patient again. So I hung out. read some more, made salad and went to bed. And I scolded Mom for not having had a screening colonoscopy yet. Got up today, came in to round on my 3 patients, and went to PBL with the good Dr. G, who had me write this morning, scolded me for my abdominal X-rays, and then clapped me on the shoulder with a good job as I was leaving. I don't get surgeons.
4 surgeries today, I made no effort to reserve one. So for the second day I didn't enter the OR. I rounded, wrote notes, had K co-sign them, and stopped in to get a history for a cute baby girl who came in on a r/o pyloric stenosis. She's an easy case, not too complex, good enough for me. I did three hard ones. I'll be lazy. So I have my fourth case to type up. Printed out her labs, then went to the symposium. K told us to. I've been there all day except for my lunch break, when I got caught by LG and asked to help with the CVL removal. I pulled it after he freed the cuff. Go me.
So the last 3 days have been outright relaxing. I even got my small white wings and wore them round all the wards this morning, while playing with babies. l was an angel of mercy. I got to be in costume in the hospital. N loved my wings and babbled at me while I held him, for the first time I'd ever heard him make noise. He wanted to eat them. I love babies, even the little yellow ones with tubes like N. I love doing things that make them smile. Nancy smiled, too, and showed me her stitches when I asked. She's going to be a cat. N was a giraffe. A hates baby costumes and made the nurses take it off. J was a ladybug. It was great fun. Drove straight from Indy to SB after we got out of the hospital.
Went to alythe's Hallowe'en party, where we played at making meat on the grill and dancing around the bonfire. There was a hayride, which I managed to stay awake for, but went to bed shortly thereafter. Was wakened by the need to go to work at 7 am, but staved it off . Got up around 10, and offered to make omelets for brekky. Three and a half dozen eggs later, I was complimented on my omelet skills and praised. Then set up for B-movie.
Ran "The incredible two-headed Satan's Angels" to mixed reviews. It was a long game, around the bonfire. I don't know that I liked it as much as some other modules. Then we went home. Quin had taken off with Robby and others to SB proper, and was still gone, so we left Angel's car with Mira. They can come home today.
It was, all in all, a relaxing weekend, except for one tiny detail. Shain went on total crack and started to lock up constantly. The drive made lots of noise. It seems to be partly related to the CD/DVD drive. So I get a wireless NIC to go in Ayradyss, and Shain goes to Best Buy for repairs. So glad I have a warranty. This is three. If one more thing breaks, I get a new laptop. Tomorrow: Peds Surg exam. I'm so worried.

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