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Hooray for Weekends!

Friday went quite well, all things considered. Managed to get through morning rounds, ran about and finished my notes before I went to surgery, watched a hernia repair and a rigid bronchoscopy (she has on CT scan a total obstruction of her left upper lobe; why we don't know) that turned out to show absolutely nothing at all (no, really, her bronchus is completely clear to viewing...), and then scampered over to noon report. Got pizza. I love Friday noon report. Now to convince Mike and Andy that they have Interesting Cases to present, thus preventing me from having to present another case...
Walked in late. Met Dr. G, who taught my mother-in-law when she was in Peds Surg. She spoke fondly of the things she learned under his tutelage - I told him so, after noon report. He thanked me for mentioning it, remembered her name. Dorothy, Dr. G says to tell you hi :). I spent the afternoon tracking down an intern to sign my notes, then went back to the Infant wing and divvied up patients with Asher for the weekend.
Then we waited. Around about 15:00 Mike wanders in, mentioning that Dr. C went home early, Dr. M is in surgery, rounds will probably be after 5, and that R will ask if we can go early if he can find Dr. M. That was when the idea entered my mind. If we leave early, my ass is so driving up to Fort Wayne tonight.
I figure that I don't need a lot of sleep to function at the minimal level required for weekend rounds, and Angel can drive back to Indy, I'll get a little sleep after RP. I'd see him a whole 12 hours or more earlier. When you're in love, that's a lot of time. And I planned it all out in my head.
We didn't leave early. I didn't care. I went anyway. Got a couple hours of sleep in the car on the way down, between stopping at Wal-Mart to buy oil for Michel-Ange, because the gay car needed lube, then dropped off Angel at the S's, and went to morning rounds. Came home, slept, then curled up on the couch and watched the entire Indiana Jones trilogy, plus Dumbo, while eating pizza and cuddling. Also M:EF roleplay, in which Psyche was confronted with a moral dilemma and much quick thinking ensued. It was quite fun, completely nonproductive, and exactly what I needed.
Today I got up, went to rounds, discovered I'd forgotten my nametag and Asher had tried to page me several times, not knowing that my pager was back in FW. It worked out okay. The list was short; I was home by 9:30. Slept until noon or 1 after that, making a total of 7 hours of sleep.
This week, O Best Beloved, I need to crack down on studying as Monday is the Peds Surg exam. We went shopping today, and I now have large black feathery wings and a tinsel halo to complete my outfit. Angel has horns and a scythe. Plus, I got an extraneous pair of fairy wings with the halo. I will post pictures eventually, promise. Came home from that, studied for Monday (Dr. Go's group that I'm in temporarily is a bit more challenging, but fun) and have now briefly filled in the details of the last few days.

Have been plotting evilly for presents for people. Andrea, dear, tell us what you need to get out here for Txgiving. Reminding all who want to come that we'd love to have you. Need to get e-mail addresses and send out e-mail invites as well.
But for now, I have to go take Angel to Muncie so that we can have dinner and he can go home. Next weekend is Hallowe'en, which will be anything but restful. Then the Peds Surg Exam, then Tuesday the 4th we go over it. Then Wednesday the 5th I start OB/GYN. One more week.
I should do those last two H&P's.

O, piccolopixie, look! New icon!

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