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Twice in one day...

Asher paged me after I posted. "I hear rounds in radiology, 3:15." Thank you so much, Asher. Went to rounds, rounded, ran into Dr. R. in a patient's room. She has a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Late presentation. "What do you know about late presentation DH?"
There was silence. Finally, I spoke up. Well, it's a less severe defect than immediate presentation...which would mean less lung hypoplasia...which means a higher survival rate? He was pleased. "That's a hundred percent correct. Survival for late-presentation is nearly 100%." And then he looked down at Y. "Except I think she may be the exception. She had that ischemic bowel..." Apparently this kid presented with grunting and cough, and turned out that most of her small bowel was dying to dead from strangulation. What a mess. We're trying, though. We're not going to let her go without a fight.

Tried to work out with my fellow students what we were going to do for the next day, as half our surgeons for clinic and OR were gone. Asher wanted the right breast mass excision. I was confirming that he still wanted that and clinic when Dr. C walks up to me. "So, Nicole...what do you want me to do tomorrow?" It was totally deadpan. I was left completely without a comeback.
I was too flustered. We were all the way back to the OR after rounds when Shubi said "You should've told him he could take the day off." I should've assigned him to the temporary CVL placement, told him maybe he could work the fluoroscope.

Decided to hang out for a bit and make sure I missed the 17:00 traffic bolus, as I prefer my traffic on a slow steady maintenance drip. Tomorrow clinic in the morning, with Dr. W (I like Dr. W) and then nothing in the afternoon. No faux pas or maladroit words today, just people teasing me, which flusters me greatly. Silly me.

Tonight's plans haven't changed, except that I will not be in the planned OR, so I think instead I'll go over things for Friday morning. I plan to sleep much the next three days; Angel will be at choir tonight and Mom's tomorrow and RP on Friday night. As he is the main reason I come online when my time is so limited that I can't really RP with most people, I think I might catch up on some reading.

But as it stands I won't get home until 18:30 now, time enough to heat up some food and then tidy my room if I'm lucky. Until then, O Best Beloved.

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