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Sometimes I feel like a motherless child...

Yesterday, I was maladroit and started talking about 'assigning' patients to people, as if I were any more than a secretary and scribe. Asher, the kind soul that he is, pointed out to me that I was getting too big for my britches. In a very gentle way. Asher and I don't see eye to eye on...well, hardly anything, ideologically, but he is one of the most astute men I know. And he's good at pointing things out. No harm done, none at all that I know of, but I spent the rest of the night thinking about it.
And this morning, my Lily left the channel after I said something. And I couldn't - literally couldn't - force myself to get up and go to the hospital before I'd established that she wasn't mad at me, that it was just another maladroit moment. And I'm still bothered by it. I know I'll be flipping out all day.

I'm too bloody sensitive.

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