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Oh, look, the sunrise sign!

Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what that risqué statement refers to.

There was something from yesterday I wanted to tell you about, O Best Beloved, and now I can't remember what it was.

Went to bed late last night, because I couldn't sleep, after napping when I got home. Dangitall.
Woke up at the last possible moment this morning, showered, and still got to the hospital at 0430. Enough time to gather my 3 patients' worth of information, and their labs, and be ready to round with K at 0530. Split off from the group and organised infant charts. Played with N, and heard a horrible thing about Dr. C.
Seems that one of the nurses, taking care of N, said to the little boy 'What's wrong with you?' as he has been less than his usual happy self of late. Dr. C, with N's mother sleeping in the room, said 'He's dying.' She didn't hear it, thankfully.
Now N was born with a bad draw in life. He had gastroschisis, where the intestines have come out through a hole in the body wall and are just sort of flopping around in the amniotic fluid. Because of that, he had a vascular problem and came out with part of them missing - intestinal atresia. After repair, he had a very small amount of gut left, so he's on parenteral nutrition to get enough nutrients into his body. Because of the TPN, he developed liver dysfunction. So now he's yellow. And on top of that, for the last month, he's been running inexplicable fevers - even after we treated his E. coli/Klebsiella pneumoniae sepsis. And on top of that, his spleen is sequestering platelets, so we have to transfuse him every so often to keep him from spontaneously bleeding out.
Yesterday, N turned 9 months old. He's never left the hospital. His mother is the entire support system for this boy. I'm so glad she didn't hear that, O Best Beloved. So glad. He may be dying. He may be getting better. He may just be lingering in a sort of medical limbo. But he is not dead nor is he headed that way soon. He's even eating a little bit now.
N was awake, so I did a quick physical. He looks perkier. I was pleased.

Got information on my other two patients - which reminds me of what I wanted to tell you. Yesterday, while waiting outside the door of one of my patients' rooms, I met Sherrié Austin (Country singer, did "Streets of Heaven", which is apparently a big hit). She'd done a concert for the kids here at the hospital, and S had to leave early, so Sherrié came to say hi to her. Pigtails and jeans and boots. I had no clue who she was, so I complimented her necklace. And she said thanks. And we talked about being the peds surg team, and how becoming a doctor was so far from her world, and how short coats meant medical students. She's very pretty, and seems very nice.
And the other day, Coach Dungy (Indianapolis Colts) said hi to us as he was making the rounds in the heme/onc unit, handing out baskets and autographs to the kids. One day, I'll remember to pull out my Maxwell's and get autographs.

Rounds went smoothly, and finished at just about 7, so we scooted over to practise suturing and starting IV's. Skills lab from 7 to 8, and K, the little baby I was seeing for TEF repair, was supposed to get dilated at 0730. At 0815, I was sitting at the table, letting Michelle try and start an IV on me. I have two bandaids on my arms, and no IV. I got mine on her on the first stick, with minimal rooting around. That was happy. So I didn't see K's surgery, which means I'm riding the call board today again, watching to see if something comes in.
And now, I think I'll run along to the wards and do my PE's and notes. Then I can kill time until someone comes into the ED and we get consulted. This is, after all, how we get hold of H&P patients.

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