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And my half of the invite...

This is extended in all seriousness to anyone who wants to make the trip to Fort Wayne, not just people we know IRL
What: Thanksgiving dinner/party. Will include some form of turkey roasted and all the fixin's.
When: Friday, Nov. 28 starting at sometime around noon with snacks and munchies, dinner planned around 7 or so PM, and going well into the night. We can provide crash space for anyone who wants to stay Thursday and/or Friday nights - or up to the entire weekend.
Where: Lakos's and my place. If you need directions, contact me.
Who: If you can read this, you can come. Friends are welcome if you like, but we do need to have an approximate head count so that we know how many pounds of mashed potatoes to make.
Why: Because it's lots of fun to get together.

We'll provide turkey and ham, soda, and at least some alcohol. We're asking for contributions in one of the following ways:
(1) Bring money to help pay for meat and drinks.
(2) Provide a side dish - let me know what you plan to make, and if you're going to require stove/oven space to make it here.
(3) Provide a dessert - we can never have too many.
(4) Bring snacks - chips, veggies, fruit, any sort of munchies.
(5) Bring drinks :)
We will, as is our custom, provide pop or soda, water, ice, and whatever alcohol we can pick up relatively cheap. If it's cold, I may make mulled wine again. You are welcome to brin gyour own beverage of choice - I'll try to have some diet available if people want it - with the understanding that if you choose to drink, you may (1) be cut off if you are becoming a danger to your own health and (2) You're staying the night.
Entertainment, besides the company, will probably include RP, movies, and/or anime.

RSVP by November 26th, if you please, so we can buy enough food.

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