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Mmmm, updates :)

Friday: Saw two surgeries - a bilateral inguinal hernia repair, for which Angel typed out five pages worth of Surgical Recall for me to study from; and a pectus bar removal. Studied my recall. Got asked questions. Was complimented on the job I did preparing for the hernia repair. Go Angel. Pectus bar had 1:15 scheduled for it. We began the surgery 45 minutes behind schedule. Transverse incision, insert forceps, grab bar and yank. Close the incision. We finished back on schedule. The kid gets to keep his bar.
Pectus bar: in a condition called pectus excavatum, the chest bows in in the middle, as if someone had punched the kid in the chest. You can see a picture here. And they do a number of different surgeries to repair it, the one I saw being one where they scrape the rib cartilage out of the perichondrium and break the sternum, then notch it and straighten it out on a metal bar. And then a few months later they take out the bar.

Then spent the rest of Friday fooling around on the Internet, reading some of my stuff, and trying to stay awake. I wish.
Went down to the X-ray room and picked up a giant package of X-rays for the patient I was to present for noon conference. Spent an hour hunting through it to find the X-rays I needed. Printed out labs. Let the Peds Surg secretaries hold it for me while I got some food. Then picked up my X-rays, and discovered we got food at conference. So I ate again. Why not?
Asher presented a pelvic abscess, which was a very interesting case. Kid had appendix rupture. I presented my CF patient. Between us, we occupied two hours. Ran around getting signatures and putting notes in charts before going to rounds and generally making myself feel silly. Came home and passed out for a while before RP. Then passed out again, although not enough.
Saturday: Got up early and went to Richmond to pick up Grandpa's piano. Took most all of the day, despite getting up early, which was disappointing. I wanted to spend some time at home. But we wanted the piano. Then M:EF RP.
Remind me, O Best Beloved, and I will expound on piano-ness later. It was entertaining.
Sunday: Picked up costumes and did a skit based on I Love Lucy for church. Everyone laughed. It seemed to go over well, despite me panicking about not having a costume until Mom mentioned her friend Barb who has everything. Got some studying and a little RP done, as dayzdark has rather nicely written me out of a few M:EF sessions while I work weekends. Now I get to bluebook.
Drove back to Indy, most disturbed as my computer failed to charge from the car adapter. Thankfully, it is still charging from the wall. Will have to ponder the car adapter some more. Went to bed an hour late, but I have new notecard formats for Peds Surg rounds, which I think I will like a lot.
Today: Turned in my first H&P, written because I wasn't sure if I was allowed to type it. I think I am. Will type all H&P's in the future. Need to do two more this week. Was moderately prepared for my small group discussion, moderately prepared for rounds. I hate Mondays. Had breakfast as I could not stand the idea of not having breakfast, but McDonalds was the only thing open. The hospital's renovation section near the restaurants is usable in parts now, is very lovely.
Went to see an umbilical hernia repair. Felt useless as I watched, but did cut sutures. I am not always ept at cutting sutures. Is ept a word? Inept is... Dr. E came in halfway through the surgery, bleeding. "Put a pectus hook through my thumb. Stings like spit." He went back to finish his bar removal after he had a few moments to calm down. Apparently, it was the difficult kind.
Call came in mid-surgery. "Your Kasai kid got fed Pedialyte this morning." We were done with the hernia at 08:30, could have started on the Kasai (Asher's patient to watch) but now he wouldn't be clear for anaesthesia until 09:45. Suck. Dr. West was displeased, enough to make the circulator call nursing and make sure that the parents had broken the rules, not the nurses.
Left surgery, wrote my notes. C is my new patient; a 13-year-old who went over the handlebars of his dirtbike and lacerated his spleen and kidney. Abdominal exam: I touched his stomach. He nearly screamed. "Ow, ow, ow!" So much for an abdominal exam. Patient is exquisitely tender on L side. R side normal to palpation. CT imaging scheduled for this afternoon.
Came over to the student lounge and checked my mailbox. Official red-bordered envelope inside; today I remembered my keys. It's stamped "Pediatric Junior Clerkship" and I know what that means. Grades. It's from Dr. H, the director.
I have included on this page your result of the written examination, which you passed. I hope to have your final grades done in about 2-3 weeks. Please stop by if I can do anything for you.
And then I read down the test scores.
Your subject test score: 79
Percentile Rank: 83
Class mean was 70.7, SD of 7.5. I'm over a SD above the mean. High of 90, low of 55.
And then the kicker: Your score ranks you 6 out of 42 students in your class who took the exam. Sixth, O Best Beloved. On an exam I was sure I'd barely pass if at all. I feel triumphant, now.

And it's only 11 AM and I'm done with all my duties until 14:30 or so. I think I'll go grab some lunch in a bit, then walk up to the OR and make sure nothing interesting has been inserted into the schedule for me to see. I should probably grab the chart and take a peek at my new patient I'm picking up, just to make sure she's not going to go home too. And then I'll go read about peds surg things, grab an OR schedule for the next day, and go to rounds. Maybe there won't be any new patients. Maybe I can sleep in tomorrow, until 3:30 even. That would be nice. I'm such a slacker...

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