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Strange day today.
Got to the hospital around 04:30, got my patient information, went to rounds. Got snapped at for interrupting Dave, although I really should have known better than to assume he didn't know the kid was NPO at 08:30. It was the principle he wanted to drive home. Make him NPO at 0200. Then the surgery can be moved up if there's time. No point in wasting time - especially not when Dave's involved. I should've known.
Otherwise went smoothly. M&M at 0700, Grand Rounds (on how to teach) at 0800. I got my notes all written while supposedly paying attention. Fell asleep twice. Intern behind me fell asleep, his pager went off, Asher had to whack him on the leg to wake him up. Scrubbed in on a CVL placement in the morning with Dr. R, who let me help pull the catheter threader off. Wanted to see the endo/lap but was in the CVL when they went in for it. Ah well.
Got out, had lunch, took 20 minutes on the computers, came back with the intention of going to Tumour Boards before I was paged to rounds and to N's CVL placement. No Tumour Boards. No page for rounds. Read instead. Am not quite certain how I will find 5 more patients in the next 4 weeks to do an H&P on, but am even more uncertain how I managed to leave all my vital papers at home in FW. Angel, look for the H&P instruction sheet?
Finally went to see N's CVL placement about 15:00 or 1530. JS was concerned, as there was no page from Dr. C for rounds. He was in a tumour resection; something bad must've happened. At 17:00 I was done with the op note and asked JS if I could go home. Well, I told him it was 1700 and I was going to go home, and was that okay? He said yes.
Turns out Shubi and Asher and company waited around until 1745 or so. I knew I should've paged before I went. Have laid tentative claim to a Nissen fundoplication tomorrow; have also tentatively made a commitment to be in clinic in the morning. I think those two conflict. And bugger it all, I want to see the Nissen.
Stopped on the way home to help a woman stopped by the side of the road. Drove her to a phone (the one day I leave my cell phone at home...) and parallel parked, and then got the jumper cables out of the trunk to try and jump her truck, after pushing the beast waaaaay back down the blocked off pre-left-turn-lane to a point where I could pull up next to her, as there would be no turning around to point the fronts at each other. Used them properly. Got it started. She couldn't keep it going; sounded to me like she wasn't doing it properly but with her limited English and my even-more-limited Spanish and a ride on the way, I gave up. She guestured me to go, called out "How much?" How much? I stopped because you needed help. That's all. You've given me all the compensation I need. I waved a hand. She was grateful. I did some complicated driving to get out of the left-turn lane, and headed home.

Dinner was a cuppa soup and a couple pieces of bread. I had a big lunch of nachos, somewhere in there. Was going to write my H&P when I got home, but do not recall required format and have left instructions in FW.
Notecards for Peds Surg require revision once again, but are functioning nicely. I am pleased.
New pager is marked by a notable lack of malevolent pager spirits. I am similarly pleased.
Am finding a moment now and then to RP on LJ. Quite pleasant.
Will go home this weekend. Positively lovely. Am acquiring a piano that was in my grandparents' house, thus my Saturday morning is shot. This will ensure I am not sleeping overly late. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll get to bed early. Anyone in the Fort Wayne area want to go to Richmond or stay here and help deliver a piano to the house? Must also write this blasted H&P.
Harriet Lane came. Yay for Harriet Lane. Now Surgical Recall had better goddamned well get here, or Angel will be coming to Indy to hand-deliver it.
Talked to some of the college kids interviewing for admission. That was fun. The ability to say "hi, I'm nykki and I'm a third-year" is just...well, saying it today meant something.
Am working my way through the Peds Surg chapter. It's 7:30, I'm already tired. I'm trying to decide if shower and bed is in order, or just bed.
Today, ishotkenney, I said it to my staff at the first CVL.
I'm in medical school, sir. Every day is a good day.
I'm starting to believe it.

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