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A handful of quotes :)

Today's pax_magicka game was entertaining and amusing. Much like watching a satyr get slaughtered and watching the villain responsible accumulate Paradox wasn't.

GM: She [Suzy, the satyr] skips by Joseph and pats him on the ass. Actually, it's more of a grab than a pat.
Quinby: Joseph turns bright red and stares.
GM: She skips off giggling.
Phloxin: Maaaa.

GM: No, faeries are still humans too, so is it really bestiality?
Me: So is that like shaving a chimp....?

Quinby: Gentleman farmer...it's a reference to John Dickinson.
Phloxin: He plows goats.

Phloxin: No magic stick! I bit it off!

Quinby (excitedly): Pureed shit!

Lily: Okay, who in this room doesn't?
Quinby: Doesn't what?
Lily: Need to get laid.
A long pause ensues.
Me: Okay, next question.

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