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You've gotta get up, get out of bed....

It's 5:30 AM. I need to go to orientation, get moving, stop procrastinating. I should have pre-studied something. I should know what I'm doing. I should have all my books in order and all my ducks in a row.
Instead, I'm hiding here in my room trying very hard not to think too hard about what these next six weeks will be. I miss my Angel already.

Spent last night writing more for pax_magicka, randomly thinking about what I'm going to do next time I get to play M:EF. If I work this weekend, it looks like I may be going to be unavailable Saturday night. If you read this, eclipse - and incidentally, there's some information up for you on ratiel too.
It's 5:35 AM and I need to get going. I don't even have socks on yet. Have a good day, O Best Beloved, and I'll do my best to remember ishotkenney:
I'm in medical school. Every day is a good day.
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