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Nobody wears a white coat any more...
...a tribute to becoming a doctor.
A brief RP update...
Quotes from RP are scarce, as we seem to be usually too far into the game to remember to write them down.
  • Quinby: Joseph is also wearing -
    Me: - a yellow raincoat and red galoshes.
    Angel: And a strapon.
    Phloxin: Named Paddington.

  • Me: Jen looks at her: "Want to go to the bar?"
    Lily: "Do I look old enough to go?"
    Me: Jen shrugs. "Since when is that a problem?"
    Lily: Damn that Curiosity flaw.

  • Me: Liz Isbister.
    Phloxin: And I'm Brandy Shaggywagons...

  • GM: Okay, so you all pile into the car, and go to Columbia Street West.
    Me: Sorry if we just hijacked your plot...

  • Phloxin: So he's got a long nose and a platypus ass.
    Quinby: Oooh, that sounds kind of hot.

  • Me: You look some kinda gangsta Jew.

  • Phloxin, talking about Jesus turning water into wine: It tells us Jesus was a lush.

  • James (in an outraged voice) Quit it! I'm trying to have a conversation and he's boinging my penis!

  • Lily, looking at Phloxin who is wearing a neck pillow on his neck: Now you look like a gangster Jew who was in a car accident...

  • Phloxin: I'm getting fondled....hehehe. And it's not by my roommate...hehehe....

  • Quinby: I have Investigation...
    GM: Now where did the clitoris go?

  • GM: Because satyrs are little balls of hormones.
    Me: Or in this case, little vaginas of hormones.

  • Quinby: What's that dude's name?
    Me: The dude?
    Quinby: The dude!
    Me: Oh, the dude!
    GM: What dude?
    Phloxin: The one with the face.

  • Lily: And this one time...at storyteller camp...

Went to a party given by Jen's grandmother, which turned out to be a chance for all the Fae she knew to regain Glamour. And a chance for most of the cabal to get laid. The ramifications of this are far-reaching. See pax_magicka, jenouflex, and heimgehen for details. And while I'm thinking about it, does anyone else want a LJ code for a character place to write? I have lots. :) The most interesting thing is the amount of e-mail being exchanged between various party members via the forums. What fun.
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dragoni82 From: dragoni82 Date: September 29th, 2003 07:48 am (UTC) (etched in stone)
;_; I miss y'all ;_;
It sounds like massive fun, though ^_^ Yay!
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