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Cliff Kindy, Harry Potter, and Koritnik, oh my.

Letters from Cliff Kindy in Iraq, for those who want to read more of his work, are compiled here.

Went to see Harry Potter today. It was quite good. Better than the previous, most likely, although I'm not going to get into a great deal of fangirl ranting...seeing as how all of the really cute characters are so not legal for me to talk about.
We got to the Rave at 1:00. Angel got in line, I went up to see about showings. Mind you: the schedule for Harry Potter at the Rave involved ten matinee showings, of which we were theoretically eligible for 1:30, 2:30, 3:15, 3:45, 4:45, and 5:45. There were also a 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:15, and 11:00 showing. At 1 PM, the 4:45 and 6:30-on showings were the only ones not sold out. So we bought tickets for 4:45. And went over to Hacienda and Wal-Mart to shop for several hours. Got into the theatre at 4 and got front-row, second-section seats, which in my opinion are the best ones in the whole Rave.

Never allow me into a theatre with 45 minutes to spare before the show. There are 422 seats in your average-sized Rave theatre. Multiply that by 10 sold-out Harry Potter matinees at $5 a seat and 6 sold-out Harry Potter matinees at $7 a pop, you get approximately $40,000 coming into the theatre in one day, gross, from Harry Potter alone. This took a good 20 minutes to work out, with me running up and down the aisles and having Angel do mental math while I counted seats per row and multiplied by rows.
Does anyone know what the cost-per-show of showing a movie is, counting manpower, rent, and utilities? Do you pay for the reel/cartridge per screen or per showing? The Rave has eighteen screens. That's a lot. They hid some of them back in little hallways off the back concession stands, and I never saw them until today.

As far as Friday goes:

I saw Koritnik last Monday and asked him to meet with me to go over exams. He suggested Friday, after Rachel finished her exam. Okay. Sounds great.
Friday. I ask him during class what time-ish I can expect to meet with him. Note that we are done on Friday at 11:30 AM, so I'm sticking around just to speak with him. Totally done with classes. He has a teleconference from 1 to 2, but he should be free between 2 and 3. Great, I'll see you about 2, then. Great. See you then.
2 PM. I run into Rachel outside the second-year classroom. She tells me her story: at 11:30, after class, she showed up, asking him when she could take the exam. He says, "Well, you never got back to me about a time." She says "I said after class." He says "That could've been 5:00..." She keeps her mouth shut about "after class" being after class, and that he knows we get out of class at 11:30, because he teaches us from 11:30 to 12:30, some days, and that's when he always schedules exams, and asks when she can take it, at his convenience. "I'm going to lunch now." She asks when he'll be back from lunch. "I have a conference at 1 and something at 2, and something at 3." So what, he doesn't want her to take the exam? Snarl. Rachel puts on the good-girl face, and asks if Lowene or someone should give her the exam then. So. Everyone's at lunch, she finally gets Agnes as she's coming back from lunch, and between Agnes and Lowene gets the thing taken.
We bitch and complain about the man until he comes around the corner at 2:20. I say "Hi, Dr. Koritnik. Got time to go over those exams now?" "Actually," he says, "I've got to leave for another appointment in ten minutes. Maybe sometime next week?" Next fucking week? We have an exam next fucking Friday. Not to mention that I have now waited around the med school for three fucking hours for this man, this professor whose job is supposed to be helping me become the best doctor I could possibly be, to brush me off. Gods, that asshole.
Keep in mind that this is the man who's in charge of making sure we fulfill our competencies - our ethics, our professionalism, our communication skills, our life-long learning. This is the man who grossly misrepresented the whole class in the Jim affair - who accused him of sexual harrassment, on behalf of Iwona, who traded groups to make sure she was in Jim's physical diagnosis practise group. This is the man who...
I'll tell the Jim story later. or I'll never go to bed. This is the man who is the least-liked professor (except, perhaps, Bader and a few guest lecturers) in the Fort Wayne CME.
I no longer wonder why.

E-cards, next round: Trigger (you go, girl!), Quinby, Piccolo (in memory of porn-watching-with-Wren), Kendra (feel better yet?) and Dave-from-Kansas. Anyone else read this that I've forgotten?

One for everyone.

Ryk just put on Monsters, Inc. The movie that "almost makes him cry" at the end because it's so sweet. Go, Wren! Be man enough to cry for Boo and Sully! I'm going to bed :)

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