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A Personality Test, and a moment of introspection.

ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 5% of the total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Now, what it doesn't say is that I'm not an ENFP. I'm a 50/50 split ENFP/INFP, and that makes a lot of sense. Score breakdown as follows:

Extroverted (E) 50% Introverted (I) 50%
Intuitive (N) 55.17% Sensing (S) 44.83%
Feeling (F) 51.72% Thinking (T) 48.28%
Perceiving (P) 60.53% Judging (J) 39.47%

ENFP as found on keirsey.com is here. And there's a great deal of truth in it, in the drive to be authentic, to relate the stories I've seen, to need to experience everything for myself. And the feeling that part of me is uninvolved, lost to touch.
It is worth noting that the iNFp personality type is called "the healer" on Kiersey.com and is also disturbingly accurate in many senses. It puts me in the auspicious company of Albert Schweitzer and Anne Lindbergh. I had a happy childhood. My parents never discouraged my fantasy life. That did not serve to stem the sense that there is something evil or profane within me, nor the need as an adolescent to make atonement for the smallest of perceived sins. Sometime I'll tell you about that, O Best Beloved, and I'll finally tell Mom the truth about a few things. Sometime.

But for now, O Best Beloved, confession and repentance are on hold - it's midnight, and time for kittens to go to bed.

Extra bonus points for anyone who can tell me the origin of the O Best Beloved construct.
Extra extra bonus points if you can tell me where "Nenni" comes from, and why I chose it as a screen name so long ago. This is a test for the people who know a lot about me. The rest of you are welcome to guess.

I have read 9 chapters of 20 in my review book. Tomorrow I will finish reading chapters, and then have two days to learn things. Goodnight, to all of you.

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