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"Okay, Nykki, quit showing up my interns..."

Taking a break from studying, briefly. I need a little break.
What am I doing here at home instead of at the hospital on evening call like I said I was going to take? Well, around about 14:45 this afternoon, JK looks at me and says "Take the nurses their charts back and go home." Me: But I was going to take evening call tonight, since I need two more, and I don't want to do it Thursday or back to back. JK: When's your exam?
Friday. JK: It's possible that kids will come in. But you'd be better served by studying. Unless you really want to stay...
I felt bad, and I kind of hedged, and I said "if something interesting comes in, page me, I'll be happy to come in..." And he laughed. "I know you will be." And I know I won't be paged. And I hope he remembered to tell RR that he sent me home. And so I am studying, and I'm feeling guilty about being here instead of at the hospital, and I feel like I'm shirking my job. Even though all I've heard is that I'm motivated and studious and an all-around good student. ishotkenney, kick me.

Got my evaluations back for Family Medicine and ER. Pass in FM, High Pass in ER. A note on the FM sheet that I tend to appear disinterested and distracted in small groups, and should work on that. I could've told you that.
Presented this morning without being prepped by JK, due to time constraints. Attempted to keep everything in mind that he'd told me. Was complimented both by him and by Dr. M on a presentation well-done. Gearing up for surgery.
I did not leave Taika at home like I feared; she was packed under the PSX in my backpack. She is now charging, as I let her run almost all the way down.
Saw a few patients, wrote discharge summaries, hassled Dr. M for my paperwork (I'm almost a week overdue on my midsession evaluations, and the office is getting antsy), and ate lunch in a hurry. Beginning to get nervous twisties in my stomach regarding Surgery.
Have had many compliments on my hair, including from some faculty/HO's that I didn't even know remembered me from my brief stint in the UVC. I'm starting to like it, although it's still kind of a shocker.

Gave a possible aetiology in my differential diagnosis of the little girl with probable viral meningitis that showed up Dr. M. I was proud. "I hadn't thought of subarachnoid haemorrhage, but you're right...acute headache and vomiting, plus lethargy...it could be a haemorrhage." Fortunately her LP has "Viral Meningitis" written all over it. RR laughed - I've been volunteering bits of information about his patients recently that took him by surprise. When I can't talk to the parents, I consult the charts. That's how I knew the kid with the asthma had been seen as an outpatient just a month ago for pneumonia. "Now you see how I feel, Dr. M."

H, the boy with the spiral fracture, went home to foster care on Friday night. He's in the hands of CPS now. The girl who took Tylenol is home as well, with a psych referral. Today's Social Work consult was the mother of one of Dr. M's usual patients - a woman who he says has always seemed "put together and on top of things." It turns out that she has a protective restraining order against the children's father because he was abusing her. Did I forget to ask? Dr. M says. I must not have asked her if she felt safe at home...because she seemed so in control... A lesson to all of you, O Best Beloved. Always ask. Safe home plans for the kids are in place, and little PG went home this afternoon.

And now I think I'm going to make some couscous and try to make it through 150 pages of book tonight. I'm halfway there.

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