I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Quotes, Friday 19 September 2003.

  • Me: Nothing quite like a vampire with backwash.

  • Me: I have a crack-monkey. I feed it--
    Angel: --Tass.
    Me: Yeah, it smokes tass.
    Lily: No! No undead crack-monkies!

  • GM: I had a train of thought...

  • Lily: What's crawling in your air vents?
    Me: Undead crack-monkey!
    Everyone gets quiet, stares at the vent.

  • Phloxin: I've gone to school for five years in the middle of nowhere just so there won't be any weirdness. I left my country because it was too fucking weird. This is your mess, you clean it up.

  • Me: Dear God: Will you tell me where the vampires are going, please? Oh, and P.S. I want a pony. Love, Joe.

  • James: Newish socks?
    Phloxin: Jewish socks?
    Me: Oh, look! Yarmulkes for your feet!

  • James: They're going to Wal-Mart.
    Me: Because it's open 24 hours, and nobody would notice a fucking vampire in Wal-Mart.
    Angel: I think if it were fucking, they'd notice.

  • Quinby: There are a lot of times that people do things that aren't necessarily correct.
    James: Like the amount of time you spend on your knees...

  • Quinby: Dear God: What the hell is going on?
    Me: Love, Joe.

  • Quinby: An intelligence of 1 and an Arete of 5...
    Me: Ug hunt...
    Angel: What?
    Me: Ug hunt.
    Angel: Oh, I heard 'a cunt'....
    Phloxin: Squishy squishness....squishy squishness....

  • Quinby: Mmmm, your bra stops bullets.
    Me: It's a Wonderbra!

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