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Happy biiiiirthday, dear Aaaangel!

Happy Birthday, lakos

Angel turns 24 today. I have no presents for him. I don't know what to get him, because the present I really want to get him is too expensive - and I have to choose between paying the mortgage and buying him a flat-panel monitor. Mortgage first.
So I'm going to meet him for dinner, around six in Muncie, and hopefully if I get out on time that leaves me a little time to go look for something.
So send me e-mails, O Best Beloved. Give me ideas on what to buy for a boy whose ThinkGeek list link I seem to have lost again :(.

Update on JG and the Psycho Father of Doom tonight if I have time. Right now, me, my headache that's almost completely gone after one Zomig, and my presentation on the Limping Child are going to go to the hospital and learn how to care for newborn babies.
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