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El garatillo

Learned, thoroughly, about asthma tonight. Also took a nap. However, I should go to bed soon.
I have made myself another journal (5 codes a month and all, I can squander them) for writing about the things I learn about. If you want all sorts of spam - the sort of things medical students learn, and all - then you can watch iatrogenesis and be enlightened. However, entries are quite long and not LJ-cut. I'm writing it for me, O Best Beloved, and giving you a chance to peek through my window. I was going to make an RSS feed of it, but I can't do it directly (can't add feeds from livejournal.com), so I'll have to play around a bit and see if I can fudge it. Otherwise, either watch the journal or deal with the spam, if you're interested.
I did not do my expanded H&P. I have delayed it this evening, until the weekend. This means that if I do it tomorrow, I will be Ahead of Schedule. I am, however, Behind Schedule regarding the application to St. Francis, and I should do and mail that this weekend. I did, however, spend quite a lot of time learning about asthma. I should find my guide to topics, and cover those in as much detail.
Is tomorrow Thursday already? How time flies. I need to learn more.
I wish I'd brought Dr. M's trivia questions home. I know that "el garatillo" is a 17th century nickname for diphtheria, even if I can't find it in association with Goya - or indeed find the painting he showed us and attributed to Goya in any of the image archives online. I can't remember the other trivia, dang it, or I'd have it done.

This will work quite nicely, I think, with the connection in my room. I have a couch, which is comfortable enough, and in fact would fold out to form a bed should the need for something more than my twin arise. I should ask if it would be okay if Angel came down, for me to fold out the bed.

alythe wants me to run B-movie for her Hallowe'en party. I need to post quotes, oh yes. Lot of things to do this weekend, including getting my pass from Curves (I need to keep working out), eating lots of fresh steamed veggies (I'm living on chicken and cheese sandwiches, soup, Slim-Fast, and cafeteria food, Angel. I need veggies. I'm craving broccoli and cauliflower), and going to the license bureau to get my driver's licence address changed.

But right now...I need sleep. Bedtime for Medical Students, O Best Beloved.

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