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Today at the hospital was relatively uneventful, except for the baby we'd seen last night. The snuffly one did eventually feed, and without desatting. The well baby...well...he came in with no stool, dropoff in feeding, bilious vomiting, a distended abdomen, and huge loops of bowel on X-ray. And went straight to Riley for a lower GI evaluation, after we determined he did indeed have a patent anus and suctioned a bunch of bilious mucousy stuff out of him.

Otherwise, other than me nearly falling asleep once, I did some scheduling of subclavian line removal, looked at patients and monitored them, and generally did scut work all day. Could be worse.

Dr. M, my attending, when I said I'd work Sunday morning and make Saturday my day off, said that they might treat me as a special case - since my husband's in Ft. Wayne - and that we'd see how busy we were on Friday. That gives me hope. Lots of hope.

Got an e-mail from Dlink this morning:
Date of Reply: 9/9/2003 10:46:54 PM
Products: DWL-800AP+
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Please try upgrading the firmware on the router to the latest, 2.2 or 3.2.
Hard reset the router and reconfigure.
Depending on the dates of the 2.18 firmware, there were some problems with repeating being able to work. This may be the case here...........
When you entered in the lan mac address of the router into the remote ap field, did you get this off of the status page in the router configuration???
Felt stupid, as I knew there was a firmware upgrade and I hadn't installed it. Did so. Tried again, with little hope. Bing - instant throughput. I am now in my room, with my privacy and my stuff, considering if it might not be advantageous to move the repeater over to the wall directly opposite my room. It would mean I was no longer going repeater to wireless NIC through quite as many walls, but would add some between the router and repeater. Why fuck with it? It's working great.

Have been nearly falling asleep all day. Think it would be wise to nap for a bit while Angel is away (I got him a present for his upcoming birthday, yay!) and then do my work. To nap, now.

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