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Noon conference...

Got up today, O Best Beloved, and lingered a bit too long on the snooze. Was ten minutes or so late. But nobody saw me sneak in and I rounded on my patient before asking about new arrivals. " Pick up a few patients, if you want." Well, it was more like a suggestion that I take on helping out with two of three asthmatics. I should have gone over asthma. But I muddled through, somehow. Presented one of the kids, let the intern present the other. JL made me do hers, silly resident. It was a most interesting case, though. The thing we're wondering about this 14 year old asthmatic girl is if her psych history might make her a patient with vocal cord paralysis and not true asthma after all. A most interesting question.
It was almost as interesting as the question we were presented in morning report. The baby with a ringworm-style rash, oral ulcers, and dry cough who's been like this since a few days after birth. Peds derm says neonatal lupus has a very rare incidence of oral ulcers, but there she was.
Noon lecture is on nutrition. Important Fact: Progestemil Formula tastes extremely bad, according to Dr. G. Bad enough to gag a maggot. Try to avoid it.

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