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Dear D-Link TechSupport:

I am attempting to connect my Sony GRX560 laptop to our DI-614+ wireless router, using the DWL-800 AP+ as a repeater. My laptop has a DWL-650+ network card. I downloaded the latest drivers and firmware for the card and the AP today; the firmware version on the 614+ is 2.16.

I ran the configuration wizard on the DWL-800, entering the LAN MAC address for the DI-650, and the appropriate WEP value and key for the network I am on. Everything seemed to go well, and the Home screen displayed packets being sent and received over the wireless on successive refreshes. The access point showed up on my D-Link AirPlus configuration utility without a problem.

The problem came when I connected to the access point. I connected without error, with link quality and signal strength between 90 and 100%. However, I was unable to get an IP address - or indeed, it seemed, receive any packets at all from the AP. I tried to manually renew my IP address while watching the Windows "Connection Status" window. Bytes sent incremented appropriately. Bytes Received remained, adamantly, 0.
I moved my setup, access point, computer and all, into the same room as the router - postulating that perhaps the AP was not getting enough signal. No such luck; I am still getting no return information from the AP.
I tried switching the AP over to Access Point mode from Repeater mode. I changed the channel, even. No luck; the issue persisted.

As I watch it sit idly, with no computers connected to it, the green power light is on and the small central light in the amber WLAN area is flickering rapidly. I assume this means that the WAP has a connection. Nonetheless, it is apparently so exclusive as to disallow me from using it.

Am I doing something wrong? Have I missed some small but vital configuration step in the easy-to-use and refreshingly uncomplicated setup process? Is there a gremlin in my computer? Please advise.

Thank you for your time,
Nicole Boersma

Tech Support persons on my list: I'm a little punchy; I've spent the last two hours trying to set up this fucking access point. Finally fired off the preceding e-mail to Tech Support (please note: OS was included in a drop-down box; I did not omit letting them know that I am on XP home). Am I a Good Customer or a Bad Customer for being so obnoxiously thorough and cute about it? Do I sound pissed-offf? I didn't want to sound pissed-off. It's not Tech Support's fault that my computer smokes crack in the schoolyard.

Lost my house key for S's place. It's at home somewhere, it's got to be. I always check for my keys before I get in the car, and it should've been in my pocket or I would've looked then. I stopped at only one place before I arrived home, then took off my pants and put on scrubs. And I haven't seen it since. I have an extra, will stop and get a copy made tomorrow. Also going to repair Meeta's PPC tomorrow. Also tomorrow night I am going to begin to catch up on all of the things I forgot to do over the weekend.
Fucking ADHD.
I am, from now on, required to learn about one topic minimum every night, or I'll be cramming like mad before the peds exam. I don't want to have to cram. I also need to do my expanded H&P so that I can return and destroy the copies of chart information I have. I'm sure HIPPA would find a reason to hate me for having them.

Purchased Slim-Fast spiffy Hot Meal Options today, in Shells and Cheese flavour. Also another breed of soy shakes. Am currently having dinner - a turkey and cheese sandwich, with precisely six slices of turkey and one of cheese (one serving each) on wheat bread, because my daddy despairs when I eat white bread. I shouldn't eat this late. I'm fucking starving, having forgotten to eat after successfully talking myself out of stopping to get fast food on the way down here. It was a clever ruse indeed, to wait until the exit was almost there before attempting to decide if I felt like eating at any of the restaurants I could see. It was quite effective, really. I kept passing them and then thinking Oh, there was an Arby's there... And by the time I was hungry enough not to care where I was eating, I was only 20 miles away. I could wait, then.

Also at Meijer, the $25 webcams. We got one to test it out. It works well enough for me to see my Angel's face, refreshed every 30 seconds. He's freakin' gorgeous. I love that man.

Debating a second sandwich, but the beast within my stomach is currently tamed. Rambling now, a little punchy still. I should probably go to bed early so as to gather my thoughts to coherency tomorrow. I wonder what happened over the weekend. Maybe there will be something fun to learn.

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