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Have You Ever...
1. Done any drugs? Nothing more than alcohol, tobacco, and secondhand pot smoke.
2. Drank alcohol? Yes
3. Had sex? I'm friggin' married.
4. Fallen in love? Yes.
5. Fallen in love online? So to speak, yes. It was a while ago, but...
6. Met someone from online? Um, yeah. We're the Internet Parent Liberation Front.
7. Tried to set a bug on fire with a magnifying glass? Yep.
8. Torn off a lightening bugs light and smeared it anywhere on your body? No, claudishq11, it's not an East Coast thing. I've done it.
9. Made a snow angel? Many.
10. Dreamed you could fly? Yes.
11. Ever had a job, if so what? Summer school assistant, Wendy's Drive-through Diva, Processing clerk at the library, Tech Support, Medical student...
12. Bungee jumped? Nope. No real desire to.
13. Felt betrayed? More than once.
14. Seriously contemplated suicide? Seriously? Only to finally discard it as impractical.
15. Attempted suicide? No.
16. Been in a car accident? I've only totalled one car in my life. But I've run it into other cars more than once.
17. Had a close friend to die? Not extremely close. Not yet.
18. Had a close family member die? My grandmother.
19. Seen the Eiffel tower? And been up it. And saw the fireworks in 2000, up close and personal.
20. Seen the statue of liberty? From a boat in the harbour, on a post-concert cruise.
21. Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? Probably, a few times, although I try not to make promises if I can't keep them.
22. Stolen anything? A few times. Very minor shoplifting when I was younger. Office supplies.
23. Gone out with someone for their looks? Naah, I usually just play around then.
24. Their reputation? No.
25. Met anyone famous? In some circles.
26. Been on radio or tv? I was on Happy's Place.
27. Been on stage? High school plays, Carnegie Hall concert.
28. Intentionally hurt someone? Yes. Far too many times.
29. Dumped someone? A half-dozen times or more.
30. Been dumped? Just twice. And both times I was about to dump them.
31. Been to Europe? Lived in France. Have visited France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy.
32. Been convicted of a crime? Nyet.
33. Been in a mosh pit? Um, back in high school maybe.
34. Been asked for an autograph? Only at school.
35. Been toilet papering? No, isn't that sad?
36. Been toilet papered? Nope :)
37. Loved someone so much it made you cry? Absolutely.
38. Cried over someone of the opposite sex? Too many times to count.
39. Same sex? See above.
40. Had toilet paper stuck to your shoe? *blushes*
41. Been caught with your fly unzipped? I had a pair of jeans once, that I had to safety-pin the zipper up.
42. Had your pants fall down in public? Not that I recall. I stripped, a couple of times, in a group of people most of whom I knew...
43. Been in a fight? Not a knock-down drag-out fight...
44. Cheated on someone? Yes. Several times.

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