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I love you, Jiffy Lube...

Went to get the oil changed in the cars. Dropped them off. Both needed flushes and oil changes and a whole bunch of other stuff, so we went over to the mall and got lunch, applications (Build-A-Bear is hiring! Build-A-Bear is hiring!), and the AMG movie. Started Michel-Ange, to realise he was running nice and quiet and smooth. Except...when I started to drive away, he made this horrid rattling noise. Pulled over in the Best Buy parking lot. One of my wheels was all crookedy. Wound up turning around and going back to Jiffy Lube. Got there just after they closed up and were about to lock up. Explained the situation. He looked it over. Sure enough, rear passenger-side tire was loose. So loose that the lug-nuts weren't even finger tight. Whoops. He apologised. Several times. The other guy said he'd be really mad if it happened to him. Me...everyone makes mistakes. They fixed it, that was the important thing. Fixed it and apologised again. He's all happy now.
I didn't ask for compensation, and they didn't offer. I don't need it. Everyone makes mistakes.
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