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Much of a muchness

Angel has a job interview tomorrow! Foregoing my plans to go see Harry Potter opening night for Matt to have his interview and roleplaying. Will go to a matinee Saturday. I'll cope. Unlike some people (coughcoughnesserscough).

This company is too cool. Jeans and no-shoes and all. Sounds like just his kind of place.

Random facts from the TV (Discovery channel):
  • Always bring warm clothing - even on a day hike.

  • Bears sprint as fast as a quarter horse over a quarter-mile. They can run at 20-30 miles an hour.

  • Climbing a tree should only be done as a last resort. All bears can climb trees.

  • Play dead only if the bear contacts you.

  • If a bear attacks you at night, he is in fact trying to eat you.
This show must be subtitled How to go to a National Park and not die.

...Sure enough, it's called How to Survive.
And commercial break just had an ad for...spam burgers. SPAM. *screams*

The dog fighting for its life out in the cold does not say to itself "I will live so that I can produce puppies and have a nice life in a cedar basket by the fire"...

I want a nice life in a cedar basket by the fire. But for now, I'll settle for going to bed.
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