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Bad kitty. Lazy kitty.

Other Battle Cries:

  • Yea, verily: Who is that, prowling across the tundra! It is Whisper, hands clutching buzzsaw hand extensions! She howls apocalyptically:
    "I'm going to contort you until you can no longer smell pretty things!!!"

  • Prowling along the candy store, swinging a jeweled meat hammer, cometh Vita! And she gives a mighty cry:
    "I'm going to hack into your brain, and type FORMAT C: !"

  • Prowling through the wasteland, brandishing a piece of chainlink fence, cometh Nykki! And she gives a spectacular howl:
    "I'm going to exfoliate you to the bone!!"

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Was added as a friend by somebodies, which bewildered me no end. So I didn't add them back, because while I am arrogant and self-serving enough to think that everyone in the whole world should find me fascinating, even when I'm a lazy kitten and don't tell my stories for days on end (inpatient peds is next; may be interesting indeed)...I don't find the whole world fascinating just by virtue of them being there. So I waited. And I peeked at it today, and I saw how all the entries were made of sentences from other people's journals...and then I cheated and looked at the memories and it was revealed to me that somebodies is somebody. And he makes his entries by hand, not harvesting in an automated manner, and he reads them. Permanent accounts, because we represent a "core" of LJ somehow. Even, I suppose, people like me who are willing to pay just because my vanity demands I post an obscene amount...
And I was enthralled. What a fascinating idea. What a way to drain my free time into oblivion, reading more journals. I'm such a voyeuristic addict.

It's 12:40 and I haven't done anything on my list except read the Neonatal Bilious Vomiting case study (I want more of them!) and sitting on my ass. But I did get the case study done. You know what would be fun? Fun would be to do case studies in an LJ. Hmm.

I suppose first on my list, thought, is to go out and (1) pay my library fines (2) get my oil changed (3) go job-hunting with Quinby (4) go to the IPFW bookstore with Quinby (5) get Mom her stuff she needs, like a 300W power supply instead of a 180W. Then see what time it is, and go from there. Will throw Curves clothes in the car.

All right. It's 1:20. I'm going.

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