I whisper your name (ayradyss) wrote,
I whisper your name

Tonight's quotes: 15 August 2003

  • Me: I leave you to begin your stalking toward the ruins.
    Phloxin and Angel: We stalk. Stalk stalk stalk.

  • Angel: We're stalking. We stalk in style.

  • Ryken: No fish porn.

  • Angel: Whereas my god just tells me to suck it up...
    Me: No, actually, Selanie's the one sucking it up.
    Lily: A lot.

  • Phloxin: I pick it.
    Angel: I choose you...
    Phloxin: I choose you, pickatchu!

  • Ryken: Why bother with finding the key when you can just unhinge the door?

  • Phloxin (studying her character sheet): Where's my Search?
    Angel: I don't know. Are they alphabetical?
    Phloxin: Yes. Shut up.

  • Lily (mournfully): Ohhh, I'm somebody's bitch!

  • Phloxin: I Ghost Sound some porn music!

  • Me: It sounds like it might be the wizard.
    Angel (a la "Existential Blues"): The Wizard?
    Phloxin (singing): We're off to slay the wizard...

  • Ryken: What's on the other side of the door?
    Angel (indicating Lily): Her character, getting dominated, I think.
    Ryken: I hope she's wearing leather.

  • Me: Any time you put your penis in someone's mouth, I think you're relinquishing control to them.

  • Angel (upon bursting in on the sorceror getting a blowjob): Do we get a surprise round?
    Ryken: Hell yeah!

  • James: I only did one point of damage.
    Phloxin: You bruised a pubic hair!

  • Me: Everyone take note: Cure moderate wounds smells like banana cream pie.

  • Angel (to Selanie, currently naked): Are you cold?
    Ryken: You could probably tell.

  • Ryken: Apparently, also the mute paladin.

  • Me: When did this become porno night?
    Ryken: You started it.

  • Ryken (on having the party described to him): So it's a wacked-out wet dream.
    Angel: Yeah, you have twins, a midget, and the hot chick.
    James: Where does the midget fit in?
    Ryken: I said wacked-out.

  • Phloxin: We're human. Of course our boobs are bigger.

  • Me: Those aren't squirrels. Those are mobile genital warts.

  • Phloxin: I make my brother scream all the time.

  • Angel: It's that whole gangpile thing.
    Me: Dog pile. Gang bang.

  • Me: There's a puppy-dog range and there's a lesbian range.
    Lily: Yeah, somewhere in between there.
    Angel: So she's not grabbing my ass...
    Phloxin: But she's not sniffing it, either.

  • Angel: Is there a convenient campsite that we can avoid?

  • Me: Is anybody undead?

  • Ryken: Does anything look threatening? The fork skittering across the floor...?
    Me: Floating in midair, actually.
    Ryken: Threateningly?
    Me: Prongs first.

  • Ryken: Normally you don't fight these, they're neutral.
    Me: Yes, but now it's neutral cranky.

  • Ryken: You know, I'd care but this isn't my campaign.

  • Me: There's a branch off to the left.
    Lily: Is there a door?
    Me: No.
    Lily: Yay!

  • Angel: Four hit points?
    Phloxin: Four.
    Angel (making the ghetto sign): She's about to step in front of you. And represent.

  • Ryken: I am not an XP bonus!

  • Angel: Okay, from now on we don't turn left.

  • Me: The ghoul attacking Phloxin...
    Phloxin: I thought I dropped that one.
    Me: Oh, yeah. Lies there dead.

  • Me: You may horf if you choose.
    Phloxin: I do not choose.

  • Lily: You know what? If you jump into the fireball, you die. So don't do it.

  • Ryken: I was like...what's this hard object under my hand?
    Jefe: Randomly beat...fondle...ehh, whatever.

  • Ryken: Actually, Sailor Moon wrapped in chains might be cool.

  • Ryken: All right, I need a hose and a golf ball.

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