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Got up about 10 or 10:30. Went to work. The study has now been rearranged to make room for the boxes extracted from the closet in the guestroom that will now be Quinby's. I feel accomplished. Got hold of James. There is now a futon in the guestroom that will be Quinby's, rather than an inflatable air mattress. She has most of the closet, two plastic drawer thingers, a stereo, a futon, and a lamp. I think that'll do.
Went shopping. Bought food. Can now feed people, including roleplayers tonight, as am making special surprise dinner. I think it's probably time to get the basics done for that, so I can put it together quickly.
I've also got a long list of things to populate my dungeon with, although I have yet to populate it. That comes next. Am looking forward to this weekend, with the house full of people, despite having quite a bit of undone housework. That would mean it's time to stop playing on LJ and get back to work.

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