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Yaoi You are yaoi! Avoided by approximately 50% of Japan and adored by the rest, you represent cultural irony at its greatest. You tend to have people you're not interested in fall in love with you.
Which bizarre Japanese phenomena are you? brought to you by Quizilla
I suppose, since yuri wasn't an option...

Woke up at 11 or so this morning, to find that the Student Loan Fairy had come in the night. Quickly disbursed funds to my creditors, reducing our total debt by a significant amount.
I need to fill out and return my St. Francis application, hoping that they still have room in their Family Practise Externship. It'd be just a little extra money, a couple hundred a month to spend on entertainment, gas, and toys, and the stuff I'd learn would be invaluable!
Have not eaten today; need to get blood drawn for lipid profile and fasting glucose. I suppose I should do that.

Will return later, to pass the day in rest - since the good doctors D&D haven't called me back yet. I needed at least one day off anyway. Starting to feel a little better.

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