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So much for a short drive down here.

Got up, and didn't feel like hacking my way through church. Couldn't sleep either, lying down made my nose stuff up more. Hence the long hours fiddling with the S2 system as explained several spammy posts ago.

Went to the pharmacy and picked up my meds, then came home. Ordered Chinese in. My Lily finally got home, and she ate some Chinese too, before all of us wound up semi-drowsing around the family room; myself most of all. Around about 5, after directing Angel, sleepily, to pack my bags for me (I love this man) and load the car (You're taking my car. You really don't feel good, do you? he says) I headed down for Indy.
We live between mile 112 and 114 of I-69, more or less. Around about mile 70 it dawned on me that I'd left my White Coat in Fort Wayne. Called home. Finally found a place to turn around around exit 64, and met Angel and Lily at exit 86. While waiting for them to arrive, I cleaned out Angel's car, finding a hairbrush we thought we'd left at church. Also threw away a half-dozen half-empty bottles of water. Also finally sent my graduation tassel to my car, rather than Angel's.
White coat in hand - or at least back seat - I made it to LC and Aura's without further mishap. I am still coughing like mad, They found my pager while I was gone. I left a towel here, after thinking that I hadn't, but didn't bring pillow or sheets. I hope Mike has sheets. I hope Mike calls me back; I left a message on his cell.
Am I becoming one of those compulsive people who freaks out when things aren't perfectly planned? It feels like it sometimes. Maybe I need to take a deep breath, sit back and quit worrying about where I'm going to sleep or what I'm going to do. Never thought I'd accuse myself of being overly anal-retentive.

Sitting up in bed like some kind of COPD patient who needs three pillows to be able to breathe. Have determined that leaning forward lessens the cough; nasal spray for the nose keeps me breathing through it - although my mucous membranes are stinging wicked much. Gladly, I have not repeated the mistake of getting nasal spray into the further recesses of my nasopharynx, where it will proceed to burn with every now-drier breath until I resort to sitting in a bathroom with the shower on full hot. This last being what prompted me to shave my legs the other night.
Am I sick? O, I am, Best Beloved, but not sick enough to avoid going to the ER tomorrow. It figures. They say everyone gets sick on Peds rotations. I e-mailed regrets to the girl running the AMA-MSS meeting and she told me she sympathised, having just got off of Peds. I am not just sick to get out of the meeting, although I welcomed spending the time with Angel, I am quite fed up with this whole being-ill thing and ready to go back to being healthy and drinking ice water because I want to, not because it keeps me from hacking.
Do you hear that, Powers that Be? I'm done being sick now.

Edit: While I'm thinking about it: Welcome to mama0807, lorriejharris, and waifofthenorth, who are all recent additions. Sorry for the spam :)

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