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Weekend Update

Yay for redundancy!
The backstory, for anyone who wants to know, is that on Ansible Moo, in order to go from being a Launchie to being a soldier, you have to complete certain requirements. They're approved by mentor staff. I am mentor staff, but I've also been relaunched, so I have to do all the usual requirement stuff. I've been holding out on the last of three journal entries because I didn't feel like getting out of Launch yet, but now I've decided it's time. Thus, I went looking for someone else to approve my journals, just to make it official.
>>> You tell CzarAlex, "You around?"
>>> CzarAlex nods.
>>> You tell CzarAlex, "Wanna check off my journals for me, to make it official?"
>>> CzarAlex replies, "Certainly. however... I need to run it past a full mentor member before i can check it off :\"
>>> To CzarAlex: Teryn coughs. "I'm a full mentor."
>>> CzarAlex replies, "works for me! :)"
At least I didn't just approve them myself, right? :)

Fiddled around with the S2 style. Found something I liked. It's paid-members only, but the Component style is so much fun. So if you're reading this on your friends' page, go see it and tell me if you like it!

Am skipping church this morning due to excessive phlegm. As in, I can't breathe, I feel icky, and I have this lovely barking cough. Should be feeling better by tomorrow if I take today easy.
Went to see Pirates again yesterday, enjoyed much despite being unable to breathe.

Have begun to worry about my Lily overmuch. She said she would be back sometime yesterday. Jefe said they left from Mo about 1-ish, after stopping for sleep. I have yet to hear a peep from her. *frets*
You'd think by now I'd be used to her invariable lateness. You'd think. But I still worry and wonder and keep compulsively checking to see if there's been word from her. Not quite as bad as Angel - but still quite a bit. It's a long way to Texas and back. And there's far too much to worry about this time.

I go back to school today. At least it's only three rotations; I can come home Tuesday after 12:30. And then I need to call the good doctors D and D to see about starting up there on Wednesday. Must remember to call Mike this evening and ensure I have a place to stay.

piccolopixie's tickets have been reserved, after much fussing with Expedia. Watching the temporary charges on my card quite carefully, as there is $18 in service fees and temporary authorisations that came from me trying unsuccessfully to use the single-use account numbers. If they tick up to recent activity, I'll call and whine.
Roleplayers: I will plan on running that Friday night, so as to get you all started on the fairly large and expansive final dungeon I have in mind. We can stat up characters for anyone extra who happens to be here; I'll work them in. It looks like the Chicago people won't be in until Quite Late.

Am, on that note, getting quite excited about the arrival of one Quinby, and her subsequent establishment in a place where people think she matters. Am also glad that Angel will have someone to keep him company in my absence, as we have not yet settled the kitten subject.

And now, it being 10 AM, I'm going to try and get a little more rest. I will eventually post role-playing quotes, O Best Beloved, and tomorrow will be spent in a diagnostic clinic and the Emergency Room of a well-known Indiana Children's Hospital. Expect something interesting will happen.

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