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T-minus four-thirty and counting...

LC beat me at Scrabble last night. It was my game, 274 to 270, but then he went out while I still had a B and two I's in my tray, so final win went to him. I had a run of really bad luck for a bit, in which I was coming up with 17-point words and he was flinging out 25-30's, which allowed him to catch up from my 50-point early lead. My game suffers in the end stages; I'm not as good at seeing the parallel words and taking advantage of them. I should play more. Clara, did you hear that? I need someone to school me in Scrabble more often.

We had Krispy Kremes for breakfast during the first lecture. I had three, total. Fifteen or twenty minutes after the second, I felt my head starting to hurt. It's been throbbing on and off ever since, so I gave in and took a Benadryl.
Lectures this morning were alternately entertaining and dry. The first one, on Otitis Media, was entertaining and informative. The ACLS lecture I had a little trouble following due to lecturer wandering; the poisonings one was more interesting. I beat Taika at backgammon, go me.
Bought a hot dog - gotta love these lunches, totally messing up my metabolism and chemical balance - and came over here to relax a bit. Saw Meeta, had a chat, and began the mental countdown. I get to go home tonight. I get to see Angel.

Here's hoping the afternoon will fly past quickly. This winter, with its 12-hour+ days and 5:15 AM rounds (information courtesy Meetah) will be long and lonely.

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