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A lovely ending...

Chris and Aura, being the wonderful, beautiful people they are - of the genre I should surround myself with more often - agreed to take me in for the days I'll be needing a room, save just one. Chris's parents will be here one of those days, and I was offered a mattress downstairs if I couldn't find anywhere else to stay. I'll stay with Mike that one night, he says it's fine, and that means that I'm all settled for my sojourn down here.
Plus, I went to the parking services garage today, prepared to have to buy a monthly pass for these two weeks since I'd lost my summer pass. I bought the annual pass and told him I'd lost my summer pass. He laughed and scolded me and gave me a free two-week temporary pass.
I have to go to the bookstore and pick up a book for ACLS class at the end of the month. I should buy Nelson's...or I could just order it online, which is what I did.

Chris heated up pork loin for dinner with me. Laura fed me a popsicle and some Triscuits. The cat came and napped with me while I waited for my headache to go away. I feel at home, welcome, comfortable. And the wireless router is set up and working nicely. Yay for that :)

Will probably not take Shain with me tomorrow, as I have only four hours between shifts that I could use him, and he is quite heavy, not to mention expensive. Will instead take an old-fashioned book.
Tomorrow: Urgent Care Clinic in morning and evening. Must remember to get a key from someone, if possible.
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